Raspberry Pi B freezes repeatedly daily during use as Squeezebox player

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  • 10. Januar 2017 at 11:35 #25728

    Hi all,

    I am running M2P on a Raspberry B with two dongles (wifi and soundcard) as a Squeezebox player. The system has no other function.

    All works well for hours. A few times per day, the system freezes and I hear a fast clicking sound. Only a reboot from the webinterface fixes this. This means that when starting playing music I nearly always first have to login and reboot the Raspberry. My co-inhabitants (wife and kids) are less interested in tech than I and are not willing to continually reboot.

    Is there a way to prevent this freezing?

    I am hoping not to end up switching to Sonos.

    16. Januar 2017 at 17:07 #25969

    Hi ayodeji,
    Please activate the USB max current feature in the Raspberry Settings. Also, which version of the SBS do you have installed? We always recommend using the 7.9 nightly.

    16. Januar 2017 at 21:39 #25989

    Hi Heiner,

    USB max current is activated. My SBS (Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.6-113) is running om my Synology, the M2P on Raspberry is a client that plays music.
    The SBS on Synology does not offer an update option. The SBS does not freeze. It never neds resetting. Only the M2P client freezes.

    Regards, Segun

    18. Januar 2017 at 15:22 #26029

    Hi Segun,
    Please check whether your filesystem is expanded and has enough space left (debug info window in the Settings/Reboot tab). Also, if you are able to connect via LAN, please try this out in order to rule out an instable WiFi connection as a source of error.

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