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  • 28. September 2023 at 12:00 #52919

    Is this product no longer being developed – seems like a couple of years since any updates?

    Just seen that they are releasing the new Raspberry Pi 5 in October and wondering if there will be a Max2Play build for that

    2. Oktober 2023 at 13:46 #52920


    3. November 2023 at 11:41 #52945

    I guess the lack of response tells us what we need to know. Max2Play is a dead product. A real shame

    18. November 2023 at 15:35 #52956

    I can only agree with that. It would be great if there was a current image based on Bookworm. I think I have read that as long as Buster benefits from Long Term Support (LTS), there is no need to take this step. This would mean that news would not be expected until the end of 2024. Gradually, however, I also believe that things will unfortunately not go any further here. Which is too bad, because for me it was the best option of all worlds. It would be nice if one of the officials could comment on this.

    19. November 2023 at 16:31 #52961

    I did some digging and it seems that piCorePlayer is the most popular LMS/Pi image replacement for Max2Play, but it’s not yet delivered a Pi5 build. That said – the developers don’t seem to think that it will give any better performance than a Pi4 if you’re just running LMS server on it

    These pre-built images like Max2Play and piCorePlayer are all well and good for making it easy to set up if you’re a Linux novice, but the trade off is a load of bells and whistles that you don’t always need (piCorePlayer for example is mainly focused on using Pi as a player rather than a server) which can limit performance

    In the end I just built my own Bookworm image on a new SD and then installed the latest LMS nightly. Set up the disk mount for my music library and it just worked straight away – and the performance is streets ahead of my old M2P image.

    So I’m DIY guy now

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    19. November 2023 at 18:00 #52963

    Yes, that’s how it works here now. Ultimately, I had no other choice. It works, but when I want to start and stop Kodi via Homebridge, for example, I reach my limits with my amateur knowledge. It was quickly set up with max2play and worked pretty reliably. My old RaspberryPi 3B is also perfectly adequate for Kodi, Squeezeboxserver, Squeezelite, Homebridge and piHole. Unfortunately, Kodi is no longer supported in Buster in the current version >19. Basically, this is the only problem in my specific case. Apart from that, there would be no need for me to switch to Bullseye or Bookworm.

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