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  • 22. Februar 2016 at 22:24 #18635

    H All,

    I’m new to Rpi’s and odroid mini computers. But when I was looking for a multi room solution I stumbled on max2play.

    Let me first explain what I intended to do. I’m a home cinema enthusiast and I have 2 preamps which provide zone2-3 analog outputs. The preamps themselves have an application which allows control for the source selection. Source meaning spotify,nas share,airplay, tuner etc. This output would then be connected to a power amp by means of rca, I have 6 stereo connections available. The problem herein lies in the fact that I can only use the zone output once and I cannot control more than one room because zone 3 does not allow as many source selections. So I would end up playing music in all rooms without the ability to play another source in another room.

    So I started looking for a solution and since Rpi’s or equivalent offer rca stereo outputs I might of found the solution.

    What I’d like to do but I’m not sure Max2play works like that:

    I’d like to provide music in 2 rooms,the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore the kitchen and bathroom require their own dedicated RPi. From 1 Rpi ‚the master‘ Rpi I’d control what to play and where to play it.

    Is that the wa Max2play is intended to be used? In order for that to work do the RPi’s for each room need to reside in that room if attached by ethernet Rj45?

    All input is welcome.

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    23. Februar 2016 at 14:13 #18654

    Hi Bart,

    first, I would like to show you our Multiroom Audio Configurator which might help you with your plans as well.

    If I understand, correctly, you want to setup the system in three rooms: home cinema, bathroom and kitchen.
    Every Pi driven by Max2Play is capable of streaming audio to several other Pis serving as clients. One solution is to name each Pi after the room and to set up the Logitech Media Server (LMS or Squeezebox Server)on the Pi „Home Cinema“ and launch the corresponding Squeezelite Players on the „Bathroom“ and „Kitchen“ Pis. In the interface of the LMS, those players appear in the top right corner in a dropdown menu. From there, you can control the playback separately or synchronized for each room.

    I am not sure at the moment how your existing hardware is connected. Do you already have speakers in your kitchen and bathroom connected to your amplifier? What I want to point out is: There is no need to put a Pi in each room if you have speakers in place receiving audio signals from your cinema amplifier. In that case, you could place two Pis in your home cinema, let’s say one „Kitchen“ Pi with the 7″ touch display running the LMS and the Squeezelite Player and one „Bathroom“ Pi with the second Squeezelite Player, each with an HiFiBerry DAC+ or an IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ connected to the RCA inputs of your amplifier. The 7″ touch display could be used to control all Squeezelite Players via Jivelite (visualization for Squeezelite Players). But again, I am not sure at this point, we might have still clear up things.

    Maximilian from Max2Play

    23. Februar 2016 at 15:15 #18663

    Hi Maximilian,

    Thanks for our answer. In the meantime I got a better understanding of how it works although some things aren’t entirely clear.

    But if I understand correctly then I only need 1 Rpi per room, I can just install them next to my amplifier since my amp sends audio to speakers, the rpi’s provide input. They can be controlled from the local network using lms or squeezebox server or another Rpi using jivelite.

    Within max2play one defines the music library location, the 2 Rpi’s are then configured as clients by squeezelite.

    Is it then correct to state that I can use the lms Ios app to play music to the dedicated rpi,say kithen/bathroom Rpi?

    thanks Bart

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