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  • 23. Mai 2019 at 11:02 #45477


    I can’t get a successful outcome after numerous attempts. I have a Just boom amp, IR and rotary encoder.

    Basically. After a clean install of Max2Play I select Just boom. I then select the Just boom amp and reboot. I have enabled the Rotary encoder and the IR. Squeezelite works. However I have 3 problems with the rotary encoder button, the equaliser and the IR receiver.

    These are the problems.
    1. The graphic equaliser doesn’t work. I have got it working by changing the soundcard in squeezelite to plugequal and this in the command line “ -o plug:plugequal -X 25 „. Whenever I change back to default Just boom amp it stops working.

    2. The rotary encoder button is connected to pins „IRin“ and „GND“ on the U5 part of the board. This works but does not pause. It sends a stop command so I can not resume. I can only restart a track. This also stops tracks at random intervals.

    3. I have the IR receiver also connected to the U5 part of the board and think this is not working properly. The music stops and starts randomly. I am not sure whether or not this is a problem with the way the Rotary encoder is wired to the same pins as the Ir receiver or because the IR receiver is stopping and starting with any IR command it receives.

    I have followed all the guides on the max to play website to the letter but I now can’t solve my problems.

    Note. The „how to“ for the rotary encoder does say that the button needs to be connected to the U5 area which is the same as the IR unit. It this definitely correct.

    I purchased 3 HiFi Berry kits from you recently and they are working well.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    24. Mai 2019 at 11:55 #45481

    Hi nickgosling,

    For now, the graphic equalizer only works when using plugequal in the sound card options of squeezelite. It is based on an internal mixer (software). Do not use the equalizer for high-quality music, as it works with a lower resolution than the sound card.
    If you still want to use it, have you tried leaving the command line option empty? Have you tried to enable the „Disable Built-In Audio“
    checkbox on the Raspberry Settings page?

    Please note that the equalizer currently does not work with Hardware Control.

    When using the U5 area of the JustBoom card for the play/pause button and the IR receiver, the two get in each others way.
    Please use only one of them. Otherwise, in addition to the signals of the rotary encoder completely diffuse signals from the IR receiver enter the System.

    24. Mai 2019 at 18:21 #45484

    Ok so I’d like to get this correct.

    1.I need to choose either hardware control or IR. Which is fine, I can handle that.
    2.I can’t use hardware control if I want to use the equaliser.
    3.If I use the equaliser I am not taking advantage of the soundcards onboard DAC or something similar as the pi is doing it via software.

    I was sure that when I tested my hifiberry cards I was able to use the equaliser. Am I wrong?

    Is there any other way of changing the bass and treble. With the speakers I’m using I get a very thin sound from the default settings on the just boom amp. I have the same speakers in my kitchen but am using a seperate amp with an old squeezebox touch and they are capable of much better sound than this.

    Ideally I’d like to use the hardware rotary knob and a bit more bass. Is that at all possible.


    29. Mai 2019 at 11:28 #45502

    Hi Nick,

    The equalizer setting plugequal sacrifices hardware volume control. It does not however negate the use of the onboard DAC.

    You can choose between adjusting bass/treble or using hardware volume.

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