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  • 29. Juni 2016 at 16:56 #20912

    I had to create a new SD card for My Odroid XU4 last night and a problem arose:

    I Downloaded the image file for teh max2play and placed it on a new 16GB card.

    I installed teh 7.9 nightly build of LMS and performed the M2P update the update and reboot. File sytem expnsion option aborts and and I get a message syaing there is 0KB available on disc and to perform file system expansion which, as I said, aborts. While is says that LMS is running I cannot acess teh LMS administation page when I click on the link.

    I did try performing the file system expansion before installing LMS but it returns an abort error message. I can start all over again but would appreciate advice on on what order to perform each step. In what order should I perform the following:

    M2P Update
    File system expansion
    LMS installation

    Anyother guidance is also appreciated.


    4. Juli 2016 at 14:15 #21127

    Hi shepdoug,
    The filesystem expansion should be your first step. While the update should not impede on the expansion, the installation of the LMS occupies the filesystem that is supposed to be expanded. That should be the reason for your problems. Please try first expanding, then updating and then installing the LMS.

    4. Juli 2016 at 20:11 #21165

    Thanks very much. That worked!

    16. Juli 2016 at 18:45 #21627

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and now Max@Play. Does any know a solution before I re_image (revert to 15.04) the sd card?

    9. Juni 2017 at 4:32 #29436

    Hello and sorry, but what is „LMS“ please ?
    I can’t be able to install max2play on odroid-xu4 eMMC and i’m searching for a solution to do it well.

    12. Juni 2017 at 11:46 #29502

    @shepdoug: I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Is Max2Play not working correctly anymore?

    : LMS is the Logitech Media Server, the open-source software that serves as the core of the multiroom system under Max2Play. You can find it under the synonymous name „Squeezebox Server“ in your Max2Play web interface.

    12. Juni 2017 at 15:01 #29521

    Hi Heiner,
    It was not max2play… on odroid-xu4, has you know, it needs to have something special unlocked that dd can not do. I find the solution from ameridroid web site who provide an android os installation on micro sd card, then put emmc and sd card together for unlocok recover the emmc card, after that we can install what ever os we want on the emmc card (with dd also).
    But yes, max2play doesn’t work so fine in first install, 3 service failed directly (i post something on that, with systemctl status messages about that (hope this help).
    And also, i was happy to find kodi working on odroid-xu4, but max2play actually can not mount a partition drive content more than 2TB (why ? it’s so weird and big deception for me). You imagine ? not more than 2TB for a media video player… serve nothing for me. So this limitation (and the fact that directly 3 services doesn’t work mark the end of my story with max2play this year. Hope for you and people that max2play will be nice as soon as possible.
    good luck guys

    15. Juni 2017 at 18:49 #29546

    Hi Jerome,
    We shifted our efforts to the Raspberry Pi family of products a while ago. However, the linked image of our Odroid OS should still work flawlessly despite any error messages you might encounter. The 2 TB limit is also antiquated, you should be able to mount more than that now, definitely on the Pi’s.

    16. Juni 2017 at 3:36 #29557

    hello and thank you for your answer.
    2Tb limitation is no more actual.. on Pi’s device. And on odroid device actual again or not ?
    I had problem for see a drive 4TB formated btrfs… a relation with limit or related to format ?

    I find armdroid OS very good for odroid, but still have problem for make running kodi actually (my fault due to low knowledge for kodi coding and low population interested for share knowledge around that to), but it is actually installed (armdroid installed from openmediavault3.76 for odroid xu4 specifically).
    Could you tell me if limitation of 2TB exist again for odroid-xu4 actually (06/2017) and if yes, why/how to change that (easy or not) ?

    Actually, my favorite OS is archlinux because of simplicity, his great wiki and community and it stay on edge (same for arm part of arch), but it failed with kodi. the OMV web interface is something nice… max2play investigation is something good… for Pi’s device then. Hope you will have opportunities and time for mak max2play better for other devices (i tryed pi3 device and find it very slow, i think it is a good device for domotic on house, not really for media player or NAS works). I go with odroid-xu4 for power ability at low cost.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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