Problem integrating Two RPI 3 with Squeezebox and SqueezeLite

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  • 4. April 2016 at 12:22 #19601


    I have two RPI 3 which I am hoping to use as a whole house audio / video solution and I’m having a little trouble getting both of the devices to play nicely!

    Currently I have the first RPI running version 2.29 with both the squeezebox server and 2 instances of the player using multisqueeze. This works well with two speakers, one via a USB wireless DAC and the other directly attached to the speaker port on the RPI itself.

    I now want to add a second RPI to do the same job, however with the following differences. This unit will be attached to the TV and so will also have KODI installed, and because I already have a single instance of the Squeezebox server running I do not plan on installing that component.

    I have the basics of everything running but the two Raspberry PI’s seem to fight and when I look in the web interface for the LMS or look on my phone at iPeng the clients keep changing and then after a couple of minutes none of them are visible. At best I can only see two!

    Any tips or suggestions on how to get this working would be great.

    Many thanks


    5. April 2016 at 14:03 #19637

    Hi robert,
    Please give the two devices different names and if you have not yet, please also rename the individual Squeezelite instances. You can also check in your router’s web interface if the devices have two distinct IP addresses with which you can reach them seperately.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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