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  • 29. Juli 2021 at 23:44 #51533

    I recently bought and installed a „PiJuice“ UPS HAT for my 3B+ running Max2Play.

    In Raspberry / Settings there is the option to install „PiJuice Light version“ and „PIJuice GUI“. First I tried the „PiJuice GUI“. It crahsed during the install; I had to restart. I then tried the „Light Version“. Various packages were downloaded and installed and I was asked to reboot, which I did. But nothing appears different. What is this „Light Version“ actually doing?


    30. Juli 2021 at 15:05 #51535

    Hi Mike,

    Under the Plugin and Package Installer section, you can choose either the headless version of the software (Lite) or the full graphical interface version, which adds a new option called PiJuice Settings to your desktop. However, you can also simply use PiJuice without the software.

    Since we haven’t touched the installer for a long time, it may no longer be fully compatible with newer Max2Play versions. I will pass this on to our developer so that he fixes the installer.

    For more information on PiJuice, check out our blog post. There you will also find links to the manufacturer’s pages.

    31. Juli 2021 at 22:03 #51537

    Thanks for your reply. What does the „light“ version actually do?

    23. August 2021 at 13:01 #51585

    Hi Mike,

    Please excuse the late reply.

    In principle, the PiJuic works without software, but it is recommended to use it in order to change various settings of the PiJuice. The Lite version is supposed to have the same functionality as the GUI version, but runs headless. As described on the GitHub page, you can use the GUI in a terminal with the command pijuice_cli.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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