Pi Zero 2 W

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  • 8. Januar 2022 at 17:53 #51902

    Hi all,

    sadly the image is not (yet) working on the Zero 2 W.

    Any idea when a new build will be available?



    10. Januar 2022 at 14:41 #51911

    Hi Christian,

    We can’t tell you exactly when we will release a new Max2Play version that supports the Zero 2 W directly. If I’m not mistaken, the 2W should already run with Max2Play when using the latest kernel. To do this, you would have to set up the Max2Play Buster Image on a Pi 3 or 4 and update the kernel via the Raspberry settings. This image should then also work on the Zero 2W.

    10. Januar 2022 at 21:39 #51915


    now that I apt-get update/upgrade and rpi-update on a standard pi zero which I use as a headless streaming device with a JustBoom Digi on my nuPro X3000s (directly attached to the back with just one male-male RCA jack adapter).

    Putting this card into the pi zero 2 seems to boot but it doesn’t connect to the wifi.

    Something seems to be wrong. I will have to set up a connection to a monitor…



    15. Januar 2022 at 14:50 #51931

    Now I found the problem. It doesn’t initialize the wlan0 on the zero2 after upgrading.

    The image still works flawlessly on the zero W…

    Any ideas?

    18. Januar 2022 at 16:18 #51940

    We’ll take care of getting a Zero 2W as a test unit. Then we will update our image as soon as possible so that the 2W works with it. Until then, we can’t offer you a solution for the Wifi problem unfortunately.

    3. Februar 2023 at 15:23 #52638

    Hi Mario,

    Any Update on this ? I have a Pi Zero 2W shipping to me in the next few days. Does M2P image work on Pi Zero 2WH as of yet ?

    7. Februar 2023 at 15:44 #52649

    The 2W is supported since update 2.56. You should therefore burn the current beta image onto the SD card that you want to use for the 2W.

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