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  • 24. Juni 2020 at 12:53 #49081

    Not sure what’s gone wrong – was mucking around with bluetooth and I also updated max2play – now my vortexbox set-up can’t find my player. I can see IP addresses for both max2play and vortexbox/LMS. Debug data from trying to start Squeezelite is below. Any ideas?

    Trying to launch … NOT successful Click here to show detailed information

    Option error: -Q

    Squeezelite v1.8.3-718, Copyright 2012-2015 Adrian Smith, 2015-2016 Ralph Irving. See -t for license terms
    Usage: /opt/squeezelite/squeezelite [options]
    -s [:] Connect to specified server, otherwise uses autodiscovery to find server
    -o Specify output device, default „default“, – = output to stdout
    -l List output devices
    -a :

    :: Specify ALSA params to open output device, b = buffer time in ms or size in bytes, p = period count or size in bytes, f sample format (16|24|24_3|32), m = use mmap (0|1)
    -a Specify sample format (16|24|32) of output file when using -o – to output samples to stdout (interleaved little endian only)
    -b : Specify internal Stream and Output buffer sizes in Kbytes
    -c , Restrict codecs to those specified, otherwise load all available codecs; known codecs: flac,pcm,mp3,ogg,aac,wma,alac,dsd (mad,mpg for specific mp3 codec)
    -C Close output device when idle after timeout seconds, default is to keep it open while player is ‚on‘
    -d = Set logging level, logs: all|slimproto|stream|decode|output, level: info|debug|sdebug
    -e , Explicitly exclude native support of one or more codecs; known codecs: flac,pcm,mp3,ogg,aac,wma,alac,dsd (mad,mpg for specific mp3 codec)
    -f Write debug to logfile
    -m Set mac address, format: ab:cd:ef:12:34:56
    -M Set the squeezelite player model name sent to the server (default: SqueezeLite)
    -n Set the player name
    -N Store player name in filename to allow server defined name changes to be shared between servers (not supported with -n)
    -W Read wave and aiff format from header, ignore server parameters
    -p Set real time priority of output thread (1-99)
    -P Store the process id (PID) in filename
    -r [:] Sample rates supported, allows output to be off when squeezelite is started; rates = |-|,,; delay = optional delay switching rates in ms
    -R -u [params] Resample, params = ::::::,
    recipe = (v|h|m|l|q)(L|I|M)(s) [E|X], E = exception – resample only if native rate not supported, X = async – resample to max rate for device, otherwise to max sync rate
    flags = num in hex,
    attenuation = attenuation in dB to apply (default is -1db if not explicitly set),
    precision = number of bits precision (NB. HQ = 20. VHQ = 28),
    passband_end = number in percent (0dB pt. bandwidth to preserve. nyquist = 100%),
    stopband_start = number in percent (Aliasing/imaging control. > passband_end),
    phase_response = 0-100 (0 = minimum / 50 = linear / 100 = maximum)
    -D [delay] Output device supports DSD over PCM (DoP), delay = optional delay switching between PCM and DoP in ms
    -v Visualiser support
    -L List volume controls for output device
    -U Unmute ALSA control and set to full volume (not supported with -V)
    -V Use ALSA control for volume adjustment, otherwise use software volume adjustment
    -Q Squeezebox Server CLI Port to sync ALSA volume back to SBS when using -V option. Default 9090
    -B Squeezebox Server CLI Port (optional). Default 9090. Use -B to set PowerOn/Off Player on status of connected Bluetooth-Speakers.
    -z Daemonize
    -t License terms
    -? Display this help text


    24. Juni 2020 at 14:03 #49084

    Fixed – I found where the -Q parameter is set and removed it. All good now, although not sure why it changed?

    24. Juni 2020 at 14:13 #49087

    Hi Fifer,

    I’m glad you found the solution. The parameter probably sneaked in while playing around with Bluetooth. At which point, unfortunately, I cannot tell you, because I do not know what you did exactly.

    24. Juni 2020 at 16:34 #49091

    Thanks Mario – things are almost back to normal, except volume seems fixed (although I have the -V parameter specified) and the player does not seem to respond to the volume controls in the IQAudio panel. Even with all 3 sliders at zero, volume plays at 100%. Also, those settings don’t save – they always reset to 100% after navigating away from IQAudio. I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple, but what?

    26. Juni 2020 at 11:10 #49097

    Sorted – another „doh!“ moment. The skin I was using on LMS seemed to hide the fixed volume option – at least, I couldn’t find it. Switched back to classic skin, clicked option, all good. Not quite sure why it switched to fixed though? Now to start with bluetooth again and try to get rid of the „pulse may have crashed“ error …

    30. Juni 2020 at 14:00 #49122

    Hi Fifer,

    Again, I’m glad you found a solution. Thanks for the detailed report of your progress. If someone else encounters a similar problem in the future, this could certainly help them.

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