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  • 6. Januar 2021 at 3:51 #50553


    I am experiencing a problem that media buttons (play/pause, next, previous) are absent on my TV in Jivelite. I have several remotes with „airmouse“/gyroscopic function so you can see the mouse pointer in the first screenshot attached. However I don’t obtain media buttons to click on. When I set lower resolution Screen/Carnation, then sometimes I have media buttons but then image does not fit my Full HD TV. As in the second picture attached the m2p’s desktop fits TV display exactly in 1920×1080 resolution.

    In attempts to solve the problem I already burned a fresh new image of max2play (version m2p_buster_rpi-v253.img) on my microsdhc card, upgraded Jivelite (without compiling). I have ssh access to the raspberry. Hardware is Raspberry PI 3, HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro, LG TV.

    Max2play is with activation / licence.

    Please help.

    Image 1 - no media buttons on TV
    Image 2 - Desktop fits TV's screen ok

    7. Januar 2021 at 15:12 #50556

    Hi Ravenik,

    There are some differences between the skins with regard to the media buttons. Have you already tried different Full-HD Skins, such as the Joggler Skin? If not, please try to select a different Full-HD Skin in the Jivelite settings. If none of the Full-HD Skins have the buttons, I’ll pass this on to our developer, who may be able to add them. Otherwise you can also check the slimdevices forum to see whether there are additional Full-HD skins. In this forum you can get in touch with the developers of the Squeezebox Server and Jivelite.

    7. Januar 2021 at 20:38 #50561

    Thanks for the reply. As regards testing different skins, I tried all that was available to no success. The Joggler is my favourite skin (on Raspberry official 7″ screen), but on Full-HD TV it displayed in about a quarter of the screen. It did not stretch to 1920xx1080. Looking at Joggler’s lua code it seems it should expand to full-hd but it did not in my environment. However I succeeded in tweaking Joggler lua code to me needs and it works ok now with my Full HD screen. I also had to enlarge fonts and improve layout in several places.
    So as for now the problem is solved as for me. I suppose that the problem may return when I upgrade my TV to 4K model. And then I may not be able to tweak skin as it would involve developing resized (upsized) buttons‘ images etc.
    Thanks for suggesting slimdevices forums. I found some of them online and maybe I will make use of them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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