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  • 23. Dezember 2023 at 15:22 #53006


    I’ve been using M2P for years and I have noticed that development has stopped and I cannot upgrade to the current version of KODI, and cannot play 265 format.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong are the Developers Missing In Action?
    Is the M2P platform dead?

    Thank you,
    Rod Sorochuk
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    26. Dezember 2023 at 17:52 #53010

    I’m sorry if you are unable to operate M2P any longer.
    Why not release and evolve M2P onto Open Source?

    I have been supporting the M2P platform.
    You should not be accepting money if development or support has stopped.

    Would you please let us know either way?

    This Christmas, I’m faced with M2P lack of support or move on for KODI.
    I’m going to discover if the music organization and playback is better than LMS?

    I never thought I’d stop recommending M2P.
    M2P did get me to stop using Windows.

    Thank you so much M2P!



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    4. Januar 2024 at 0:34 #53020

    Hey Rod can you explain how you are trying to update Kodi or why its not working? Are you trying to do it from the default apt-get repository?

    I also would like to know that the status of this project is because Debian Buster will be out of Long Term Support soon (June 30th, 2024) and we will need a new build at the point which they should hopefully include the latest (or most compatible) version of Kodi.

    5. Januar 2024 at 0:58 #53022

    Hello Sirkingchase,

    On a RPi3B & and a couple RPi4s , I’m using the button, „Upgrade Kodi to Latest Version“ which is Kodi 18.7 20200612.
    I do not know where to find .deb repos for „Choose Kodi/XBMC-Package by http-link (package must be .deb) for Update:“

    The status of the project started over Christmas on the RPi3B with 7″ Raspberry Touchscreen. (I’m not favouring any OS like Buster.) The touchscreen intermittently (anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes) goes black, similar to no power to the LCD screen while playing either Jivelite or Kodi Music.

    After installing new Raspberry Bullseye (Kodi) or LibreElec Kodi onto the RPi3B then the black screen stopped; however, these apps are difficult to emulate the quality of a Max2Play because Video always directs to the HDMI port and away from the LCD Touchscreen. I have not figured how to configure the Kodi video to the LCD and audio to HDMI. The configuration appears to be a script not a simple setting that is used in M2P.

    I’m stuck with no solutions for the LCD or for the latest Kodi on M2P. I’m now leaning towards using Headless – Kodi Web Interface on Raspberry OS to control the music players into stereos. I haven’t tried the RPi4’s on the LCD because the touchscreen case is for a RPi3.

    Note: Bullseye on RPi3 also doesn’t boot properly into the LCD unless „force_turbo=1“ is added to „config.txt“

    Your reply gives me some hope that there M2P will support new OSs, KODI and RPi5s?


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