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  • 13. August 2021 at 3:24 #51567


    I have a Rpi3 with Max2Play and Cirrus Wolfson card that was working perfectly. I booted it up the other day and the WiFi interface appears not to start. The device does not show up on the network, nor does the ‚Max2Play‘ network start. I then inserted a USB wifi dongle, but that did not startup or show any activity either.

    I then connected the device to the router with a LAN cable. It showed up on the network, but with two IP addresses. One address included my name for the device, the other did not. However, I can still not connect to the device using either IP addresses. I am not totally sure what they mean, but there is no ‚P‘ or ‚6‘ (wouldn’t expect to see a 6) just an N/A next to the IP addresses shown on the network scanner (Net Analyzer) I am using.

    Would anyone have any ideas I could try before a full reinstall?

    If I connect a monitor to the device I can see the Max2Play home screen. Is there anyway I can get into the Max2Play web interface from the home screen to check the settings?


    16. August 2021 at 14:46 #51570

    Hello, I have a similar problem. I just changed from a Netgear router to a FritzBox and two of my three Max2Play units seem to still be looking for their old IP address. One of them is attached to a screen. I can see some kind of message flying by about unexpected IP address. But then it loads the Max2Play desktop. When I open Kodi, I can see under System Information that it thinks it still has the old Netgear Router address. I expect something is stuck in the Fixed LAN-Ip Setup, but I do not know how to reach the web page from the desktop… Advice please, thanks!

    16. August 2021 at 17:33 #51571

    Well, luckily I had not sent the old modem-router back to the ISP yet. I plugged in the M2P-Pi and a PC by ethernet and started them up. I could access the M2P-Pi via its old address. Then, under WiFi/LAN – Fixed LAN-IP Setup, I unchecked „Set fixed LAN IP-Address“ and saved and shut down the M2P-Pi. Plugged it back into the new modem-router network and all was fine; the M2P-Pi took a new Fritz 178 address.

    Would still like to know though if there is any way into the settings from within the M2P-Pi itself.

    17. August 2021 at 15:03 #51572

    Hello, the Pi or the Max2Play web interface can be addressed in the network in two ways, IP address or hostname.

    Default is the hostname „max2play“ and the web interface can be addressed in the browser via „max2play/“. If the hostname is renamed in the Max2Play web interface, it is important to ensure that no special characters or spaces are included. Assuming the hostname „home“ was assigned instead of „max2play“, you can access the web interface via „home/“

    If access is to be via IP address, it is also good to know how IP addresses are assigned in the network (either manually or via DHCP). It is a good practice not to use a mix of manual and automatic assignment of IP addresses via DHCP in a network.

    In the Pi you can find out your own IP via „ifconfig“. You can also use „hostname -I“ to get your IP address. Only with „hostname“ you get the name mentioned above. This is a good way to check if the hostname you wanted to assign is the hostname that was actually assigned (keyword: special characters).

    If you are on the Pi, you can also access the Max2play interface in addition to the two options above, you can also try to access the web interface via IP or via localhost/ in the browser.

    You will probably need to install a web browser for this. I use the browser dillo, which can be installed via „sudo apt-get install dillo“.

    20. August 2021 at 3:27 #51580

    Thanks Carousel and Jan,

    It’s working again. I logged into my router, and found that it was connected via LAN on a new address that didn’t appear to be showing on ‚Net Analyzer‘. I could be wrong here, in regards to ‚Net Analyzer‘ not showing the new address, as I was only really looking at the old addresses that were still showing, but not connecting to the Max2Play web interface. It has now gone back to connecting via wifi at its old wifi address, and/or the new address as well? One of the old addresses has dropped off.

    Is it usual for the device to have 2 accessible wifi addresses?


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    23. August 2021 at 12:04 #51583

    Gapmedia, glad to see it up and running again.

    I can’t really say anything about the informations displayed from ‚Net Analyser‘. A device is usually assigned only one IP address on the network at a time.

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