Newbie with Allo USBridge Sig and M2p with Squeezbox having ticks and pops-help

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  • 20. Februar 2020 at 21:06 #48045

    just received my Allo USbridge signature with shanti power-supply today from Max2play and I try to set it up.

    The USbridge is connected via USB cable to a Chord Mojo DAC.

    In first step I want to just stream Tidal to my DAC.

    Got it somehow to play, but having ticks from time to time.

    Any settings I may have to change to improve the situation????

    Hoping to receive some help here – please …. best reg Manfred

    20. Februar 2020 at 21:23 #48047

    Just to add some more infos upfront:
    I`m just
    -running mediaplayer squeezelite (Status: Squeezelite läuft aktuell unter der ProzessID 722) and

    -stopped shairport (airplay).

    under squeezelite extended settings (erweitere Einstellungen) I have selected:

    “ default – Mojo, USB-Audio – Default Audio Device, Card=Mojo “

    under Raspberry Settings
    I have selected „Allo Digione“ – there is no Allo USBridge to be selected.

    the Grafikkarten settings I have the standard 128 Mb reduced to 32Mb as I do not use a screen.

    Hope this helps – thanks.

    21. Februar 2020 at 14:57 #48049

    Hi Manfred,

    Could you please be more precise about the „ticks“ you mentioned? Are there sound dropouts? Is the audio quality otherwise good or is there any noise? Does the Squeezebox Server run smoothly or do errors appear on the web interface during playback?

    Have you previously tried to select the „USB sound card“ in the Raspberry settings? Otherwise, please select „none“, restart your device and then select „USB sound card“.

    21. Februar 2020 at 19:16 #48051

    – no dropouts,
    – audio-quality otherwise good,
    – no other noise,
    – just short ticks – sounds like you want to start the gas-burner at a barbecue grill

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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