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  • 24. Mai 2017 at 12:02 #29047


    I am new to max2play and I´m wondering how to build up a max2play multiroom system:

    I want to install 3 Computers (Raspberry PI 2 and 3) in the bath, the patio and in the dining room with max2play ans squeeze light. I found your articel in the how to and this part should be clear.

    The questions:

    1. I have two existing Kodi Odroid C2 Computers with Libreelec runing in the bedroom and in the living room. Can I use them for
    multiroom audio too? I think i have only to install the Xsquezze Kodi add on with no other changes in the operating system, right?
    Can I respond to this kodis in a multiroom setup via max2play?

    2. I have a small dataserver, do I need to install max2play on this too? Do every Computer need max2play on it or is sqeeze light enough?

    Thank you for your help?

    Greetings Elluminatus

    24. Mai 2017 at 12:39 #29051

    Hi Elluminatus,

    Thanks for the clear and detailed questions. Here goes:

    1. We have not tested the XSqueeze plugin, especially not under the C2. However, according to the documentation, it should work fine. You could test it out first by checking whether a Squeezebox Server recognizes the Kodi-Player from XSqueeze in its web interface.

    2. Max2Play only needs to run on the Pi’s you want to use. One of them should have the Squeezebox Server installed and all should have Squeezelite running. If you want to use your dataserver’s music, you can mount it on the Pi with the Squeezebox Server to access all your music from anywhere in your network and play it to all Squeezelite players.

    I hope this clears everything up. Check our Multiroom Audio Configurator to find the right setups for each of your rooms:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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