Network access down, while still able to play inet streams

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  • 29. März 2021 at 14:34 #51050


    all of a sudden my max2play device (running on a Rasppi 3) rejects any network conneection. No web-interfaces (max2play nor LMS on port 9000), no SSH, no SMB, not even response to a ping. (I’ve tested multiple devices to access without success)
    But the Jive player GUI on the device is reporting proper connection, can play internet radio streams from external, find’s DLNA servers and other players, etc.

    Has there been an update which might have caused such a strange behaviour? And if yes: How to fix without resetting my system sdcard?
    Any suggestions how to degub further?

    29. März 2021 at 14:43 #51051

    Hi Toby,

    There was no update that could have caused such a network problem. Max2Play is only updated when you press the corresponding update button. Have you already restarted the system? Have you made any changes to the system or your network/router? Is the device still shown in the home network overview of your router? Perhaps the device has been assigned a new IP address.

    7. April 2021 at 13:00 #51091

    A really strange problem. A day after network-access is back again.
    Since reboots didnÄT solve the issue, I suspect that the problem is caused by the router or somewhere else.

    We’ll see if it happens again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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