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  • 21. März 2018 at 21:38 #34626

    Ok, so this is a project that hasn’t been done yet. In my „Subaru“, and I’m going to be nice now, and just say that USB Music is re-indexed every time the car is turned on, and if the song that was playing finishes before the re-index finishes the system doesn’t know what to play–so it will consistently play the song in your library that you hate the most.
    Currently I’m experimenting using an old Galaxy Tab2/7 tablet with Foobar2000 to play it’s music library via Blutooth into the car’s audio system. Foobar will play every song in a „CD folder“, the car’s LCD display shows the ID tag (song title) information, and the FWD/BAK functions on the car’s instrument panel work. The music sounds good. I leave the Tablet turned on, and when the car starts Foobar starts playing the first song in the CD folder. This, I think, is an improvement.

    What I want to do is use a RPi-Zero-W with Max2Play/Server/Squeezelite? I think that with the RPi-Zero’s 120mA I can leave it connected to car power using a 12V-USB-powerplug all the time.
    I want to connect my smartphone’s Squeezer via „ad hoc“ (no router) Wifi to the RPi, and the RPi’s Blutooth to the car. I’m hoping the RPi’s Blutooth will interface with the car the same way as the Tablet?

    Additionally, I’d like to be able to select music more easily than using Squeezer while driving, and the song titles _Must_ scroll. So is Jivelite with a touchscreen able to do this?

    I really appreciate help with this. I’m spending a lot of time with this, and plan to order the RPi-Zero soon to see if it works. I’m also spending a lot of time thinking about buying a BMW. 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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