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  • 30. Mai 2016 at 10:40 #20402

    Hello here !

    Before start to bulding my multiroom systems based on Raspberry and multisqueeze I would like to have some advice.

    I plan to equip 4 rooms with squeezebox multiroom systems

    To achieve this I will use a Raspberry 2/3 with multiple instance of squeezebox player (Max2play multisqueeze)

    My main question is about the hardware, and especially the DAC

    to maintain a low budget I see 2 solution

    solution 1- 4x Cheap USB DAC powered by a USB HUB (Like this)
    solution 2- 4x PIFI DAC+ V2 on i²c bus (Like this)

    In solution 2 , how to dispatch the GPIO connector to connect the 4 DAC’s ?

    Does anyone know wich are the best solution and if all this would work together ?

    Thanks for your help guys !

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    10. Juni 2016 at 14:53 #20577

    Hi chestroled,

    This should definitely work with Max2Play. However, the sound, especially with four cheap USB-DAC’s on one RPi, will probably not be very great. We cannot speak to the PiFi DAC since we do not have any experience with this device. We recommend the high quality sound cards by HiFiBerry and IQaudIO.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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