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  • 14. März 2017 at 21:40 #27738

    I’ve been researching options for a new multi-room audio setup using Raspberry Pis and think I’ve arrived at using Max2Play (so thanks for creating such a robust os!).

    I’m in the near future (essentially) gutting a house and will run in-ceiling speaker pairs to about 10 zones and I’m thinking of using RPi3’s and Hifiberry Amp+ for each of these zones (though I’m not entirely sure that’s better than a dedicated amp and Hifiberry DAC+s). I primarily use Spotify Premium to play music but almost as regularly will play podcasts and I also have a pretty massive music collection on a NAS (that would be used MUCH less frequently…remnants of a bygone era). The NAS (or a newly built FreeNAS) will probably serve in some kind of server capacity, but I suppose it would be easy enough to throw an extra RPi in there to act as a M2P server if that would make it easier/more reliable.

    I would like anybody in the house (with Androids, no more Apple products) to be able to choose the audio in any room. From what I’ve been reading, the Logitech Media Server/Squeezlite route is best for me and the „syncing“ of an audio stream to multiple clients/zones of RPi’s seems relatively straightforward. But what I’m now most curious about is if MULTIPLE different streams can be accomplished. That is, My wife listens to a podcast in the bedroom zone and bathroom zone, my daughter listens to white noise in her room’s zone as she naps and I listen to music down in the Dining Room zone, Kitchen zone and Deck zone simultaneously.

    Can this be accomplished with a collection of RPis and M2P?

    15. März 2017 at 14:10 #27756

    Hi ltjimdangle

    Yes you can accomplished with a collection of RPis and M2P, its called multiroom audio system, please check out this article about the setup:

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

    15. März 2017 at 19:07 #27763

    @Mbydeen Thanks for the link, I had already read that one (and countless other ones) during my search for the perfect software to use in my RPi-powered multiroom audio system (a search that landed me here as I believe M2P is the best option available).

    But, unless I’m mistaken, that article doesn’t explicitly say that the server is capable of sending MORE THAN ONE stream. It’s my understanding that a single RPi (or some other device) would be set up as a server and send audio to any number of devices. And I’m pretty confident of the ability to play that ONE stream to any mix of M2P Clients, but what I’m specifically curious about is the ability of the Server to send DIFFERENT streams to one or many M2P Clients concurrently?

    Is this possible with a Server/Client Setup? If not, would implementing it be as easy as just inserting a second Server into the mix (and the accompanying headaches I’m sure)?

    15. März 2017 at 20:20 #27764


    der SqueezeboxServer can send different streams to the clients
    Also you can set the clients in any groups

    16. März 2017 at 16:34 #27767

    Awesome! Thanks so much for that info @std

    21. März 2017 at 12:51 #27821

    Hello ltjimdangle

    You can select different different players form the LMS right corner, and play different music.

    Best Regards,
    Mohammad Mbydeen

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