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  • 13. November 2021 at 18:39 #51786

    I want to have a „his“ and a „hers“ library, with trivial effort required to switch between them. I tried to achieve this using Multisqueeze. I successfully ran two players simultaneously. But the user interface (Webadministration) that sets the path to the library on the thumb drive applies to both players. I have installed the Multiple Library plug-in and the Custom Browse plug-in but they are not relevant to my intended configuration. I cannot find a way to have a separate library for each player unless I set up two Raspberry Pi computers. Am I missing something?

    For anyone who is interested in my needs: I have a media room with a tablet to control the music. This tablet is a wireless-charging, Wi-Fi tablet, an ancient HP Touchpad running Android. This acts as a super remote control for selecting and playing music. Another HP tablet is kept near the great room. I have bought a second Raspberry Pi. I installed Volumio on it. I have set it up to shuffle tracks, because Volumio does not seem to be configurable to shuffle by album, the preference of both myself and my wife. I bought a simple radio-controlled „mini relay wireless switch“ for $12 to switch one room’s audio between the two player outputs while allowing the media room to always be on the „his“ system. By pressing the „A“ or „B“ button, one can switch between the player shuffling through his versus hers music. It works quite well except that Volumio does not meet my needs as well as LMS, especially LMS using the now-out-of-support Orange Squeeze controller software on a tablet. I would prefer to run with one Raspberry Pi instead of two for simplicity of hardware and maintenance, and I would prefer to use LMS and the same interface for both, too. I suppose I can set up both Raspberry Pi computers with Max2Play/LMS but then switching servers on the control tablet is too complicated to meet my wife’s needs when using Orange Squeeze. Squeeze Cntl does allow easy server switching but it does not look nearly as nice as Orange Squeeze.

    16. November 2021 at 15:22 #51790

    Hi Joe,

    Sounds like a great project!
    How does the Multiple Library Plugin not meet your requirements in this case? Shouldn’t it be possible to create several libraries with this? Do I understand correctly that your current workaround is to use two Squeezebox Servers in the network?

    16. November 2021 at 18:10 #51792

    Thanks for your interest! My question, Am I missing something, still applies. Let me try to be more exact in what I am looking for.

    To answer your question, my current workaround is to use one squeezebox server and one Volumio system. I do not think Volumio is based on squeezebox, but it has the functionality I am looking for, which is a (headless) player with shuffle capability controlled by a Wi-Fi app (which in Volumio runs in a browser). I am pretty sure I can make a system with two squeezebox players work well, though right now, server discovery is slow and inconsistent, but I think that problem can be solved.

    What I am looking for is the capability to have a player which shuffles discs within a library using the „Don’t stop the music“ plug-in, and that library can be browsed via album art, while ignoring the discs in another library. I need to be able to switch libraries extremely easily. It is acceptable if I must change players in order to change libraries; in fact, that is slightly preferred.

    It is my observation #1 that, even with Multisqueeze, I cannot have one library for one player and a separate library for the other. It is my observation #2 that, even with Multilibrary and Custom Browse, I cannot browse via album art only the selected library, and I cannot shuffle albums of only the selected library.

    Perhaps my observations #1 or #2 are due to an oversight on my part. Are these observations incorrect/am I missing something? Thanks!

    19. November 2021 at 14:23 #51802

    Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you if you’re missing something, as I’ve hardly had any contact with the plugins so far. This sounds like a very Squeezebox Server-specific problem.
    I think it would be best for you to post your question again in the slimdevices forum. There you can directly contact the developers of the Squeezebox server (and possibly the plugins). Maybe they have another idea and can better assess what is possible and what is not. From the sound of it, however, you seem to have already found the limits of the plugins.

    I don’t think it is possible to define two separate libraries for two players. One does not affect the other. However, I could imagine that it is possible to create two libraries and then, depending on where you want to listen to which library, select one of the two players and after that the desired library.

    If you have a Squeezebox server and two players running on the network, you can enter the IP address of the server in the advanced settings of the players. This should make the recognition of the players very fast.

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