Multi sound card project

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  • 17. Oktober 2018 at 19:55 #38668

    Is it possible to use two sound cards (HiFiBerry Digi+ and JustBoom DAC Hat) simultaneously? Right now I use only HiFiBerry Digi+, but I want to develop my Pi by adding JustBoom DAC Hat (for headphones jack, and analog output), IR Hat and LCD with touchscreen. All of them will be connected via GPIO to save USB for mouse/keyboard BT dongle, HDD and further stuff. My hardware is Raspberry 3B+, player is Squeezebox.

    18. Oktober 2018 at 11:12 #38673

    Hi Third_Eye,

    We do not recommend using multiple sound cards on one Pi for several reasons. We recommend getting a second Pi instead, since both value and quality are much better for setups with only one sound card for each Pi. However, there are some DIY solutions with hardware that extends and duplicates the GPIO pins out there.

    18. Oktober 2018 at 22:22 #38681

    I understand. What if I connect two sound HATS and use only one of them by selecting it in the Raspberry settings? Will there be any conflict on the GPIO? If it doesn’t work then the only solution I have is the DACBerry ONE card. It has a line output, spdif and headphone jack.

    19. Oktober 2018 at 10:34 #38691

    Not sure I understand this, you want to switch between the two cards?

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