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  • 6. Februar 2020 at 20:29 #47996


    I am new to Max2Play and I have some trouble using the Multisqueeze Plugin.

    At the moment I have a system of one Raspberry Pi 4B and one Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Image from yesterday, update to V2.51). The LMS is running on the 4B Pi. With the classical single squeezelite-installation everythings works really fine.

    Then I tried to activate a Multisqueeze installation on the 3B+ Pi: two instances, one output to HifiBerry Digi+ like before (Sleeping Room), and second output to an USB-Speaker (Nubert NuPro A200, Kitchen). This combination works as expected. In the LMS Webfrondend I found 3 Player (One from the 4B, and two from the 3B+). Really nice!

    The things are getting a bit strange after I activated the Multisqueeze on der 4B Pi: One intance output to HDMI like before (Living Room), and second to USB-DAC (RHA DacAmp L1, Headphone).

    I expected to see four player, but there are only two. And the naming did not corresponding to the configurated outputs or Pi’s, the naming in the frontend changing every few seconds. For a few second I see Kitchen and Sleeping Room, then Headphone and Living Room. If I play something on the Kitchen Player the Living Room output is used…

    After deactivating the 3B+ everything is as expected. Switching vom Multisqeeze on the 4B to single Squeeze, again no problems. Only the constallation with two multisqueezes seems to confuse the LMS.

    Whats going wrong here?

    Best regards,

    24. März 2020 at 15:43 #48239

    Hi Immo,

    Try deactivating the default Squeezelite players and only using MultiSqueeze instances to see if this changes the issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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