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  • 24. Mai 2018 at 23:33 #35880

    Hi, I been having an issue this week with a fresh M2P 2.46 Raspberry PI 3 install . When performing an incremental or complete music rescan i get the following error „Media scan terminated unexpectedly (Scanning Progress)“. I tried 3 different versions of LMS including „Nightly 7.9“, LMS 7.9.0 – 1488878280, and a 7.9.1 version (I forget the exact minor release version). All 3 exhibit the same problem. The logs don’t show me much, it mentions this in the last line: „Audio::Scan::scan (75) Warning: Error: Unable to read at least 631 bytes from file“.

    Here is the interesting thing, I have a 2nd PI running M2P 2.44 and LMS Version: 7.9.1 – 1503129892 and have zero issues with music scans. Both M2P’s/LMS’s access the same „music directory“ located on my freenas server via a cifs mount using the same mountpoint and credentials.

    Only thing I can thing I can think of mentioning is the Library is large with over 77K tracks made up mostly of FLAC files. I have been using LMS for 10-15 yrs on oodles of different platforms without ever having this issue. I will try another scan with verbose logging and see if that gives me any indication . I thought I would post this to see if it is a known issue?



    28. Mai 2018 at 10:39 #35910

    Hi Scott,

    This is not a known issue with Max2Play. Do you have any debug info logs saved?

    22. Juni 2018 at 15:28 #36316

    Hi I am back, had some family issues to take care of the past few weeks. I rebuilt the problematic Pi again yesterday and I am still seeing terminated media scans. I am running another scan now, will post the log’s in a couple of hours.

    Both Pi’s are now running M2P 2.46 with LMS 7.9.2 – 1529332109 . both Pi’s mount the same NAS file system with same userid/password. One scan’s perfectly, the other has the media scan termination notice. I have notice it is now failing after approx 65k tracks (out of 77k) instead of at 55K reportly earlier. I may try a new micro SIM card over the weekend as well, as they can sometimes be at the root of all evil.



    23. Juni 2018 at 4:11 #36319

    Here are some of the failed scan results. Again, a second identical unit has no issues completing a scan onthe same files. I will run a a scan on the „working“ unit tomorrow and post the results for comparison.

    [18-06-22 18:20:35.3437] Slim::Utils::Scanner::Local::new (853) Handling new audio track file:///mnt/media/LMS/MP3/Dave/Compilations/Ace%20Ventura_%20Pet%20Detective/11%20Ace%20Is%20In%20The%20House.mp3
    [18-06-22 18:20:35.3447] Slim::Schema::_newTrack (1489)
    New Track: [file:///mnt/media/LMS/MP3/Dave/Compilations/Ace%20Ventura_%20Pet%20Detective/11%20Ace%20Is%20In%20The%20House.mp3]
    [18-06-22 18:20:35.3452] Slim::Schema::_newTrack (1499) readTags is 1
    [18-06-22 18:20:35.3562] Audio::Scan::scan (75) Warning: Error: Unable to read at least 631 bytes from file.
    [18-06-22 18:20:35.3679] Slim::Schema::forceCommit (2156) Syncing to the database.
    [18-06-22 18:20:35.4275] Slim::Utils::SQLiteHelper::updateProgress (439) Notify to server: [„exit“]
    [18-06-22 18:20:40.4392] Slim::Utils::SQLiteHelper::updateProgress (468) Notify to server failed: 500 read timeout

    25. Juni 2018 at 9:51 #36345

    In general though, we would recommend only using one Squeezebox Server running in your local network so as to avoid confusion and dependencies between two servers.

    25. Juni 2018 at 20:43 #36360

    Understood, In general, under normal operating circumstances only one LMS is up and operational, the 2nd M2P is up, but the LMS is stopped. With no sarcasm or complaining implied, I have found the M2P/LMS to be less than reliable over the past year or so, therefore I have a second unit on backup. If the primary unit fails, I start the the 2nd LMS migrate the players, and rebuild the primary when I have the time.

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    26. Juni 2018 at 16:32 #36370

    Very odd, perhaps you can also post this in the slimdevices forums to see if they have more specific insight.

    Our system’s integration of the LMS has not really changed much, so I cannot point you in any specific direction based on your experience.

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