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  • 12. Mai 2024 at 21:27 #53188


    I’ve been struggling now for ages to have my multi room setup work flawlessly..
    I have 4 PI 3B+ boards with Max2play AMP2 hats. Trying to run Spotify Connect plugin to be able to play music throughout the house (Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room)

    1st I had trouble playing music because it always stopped and was de synced with the Spotty plugin and luckily or unluckily I have found the native Spotify Connect plugin.
    The issue what I have is it keeps stopping the service although I’ve tried updating max2play, restarting the complete system (all PIs), reinstalling the plugin etc.
    If I restart (kill or stop and start the plugin) it pops in my spotify so I can send music to it. Then after a few minutes (could not identify a root cause.. sometimes 5 mins sometimes 15) it disconnects and when I check the UI the spotify connect pluging is stopped and I have to manually start it again.

    PI is not restarted in this time, although I have the plugin set at autostart.
    I’ve also tried to set the -v option to see verbose logs.. but it does not show a freaking thing and I’m clueless where to check.

    Any idea how to troubleshoot?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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