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  • 22. Januar 2016 at 17:28 #18091


    I have a RPi 2B installed with Max2Play v2.27 (for which: kudos, pretty nice), but a few settings are not behaving as documented & expected:

    #1 Settings > Playername: I have set the Playername to „lms“ (in the web interface), I would have expected that the web interface would be needed to accessed by http://lms (or http://lms.local). But instead it is accessible either via the IP address or via http://max2play.local (see screenshot below)

    #2 LAN configuration: I have configured the Max2Play to have a fixed IP, when saved the IP is used… but after some time (don’t know how long exactly, not really tracked it) it is getting an IP from the DHCP. Other devices in my network (NAS, media player, …) have a fixed IP and maintain that one. So a bit peculiar. x.x.x.40 becomes x.x.x.248



    just FYI, I intend to use this one just as a server, and other devices are being used as player

    Thanks in advance!


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