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  • 19. Februar 2018 at 17:29 #34044

    I’m trying to get audio output to work with the Pifi DAC+ 2.0 i2s card. This card works fine in RuneAudio, but I can’t get it to work under Max2Play. Through the Max2Play UI I’ve tried:

    1) Under HiFiBerry, select Hifi Berry DAC+. This does not work
    2) Under Raspberry Settings, select Pifi DAC+. When selecting this I cannot select „Save“ as the button is greyed out. This functionality seems to be disabled or broken.

    I could also edit /boot/config.txt but don’t know what to add.

    I also heard that bluetooth on the raspberry pi 3 can interfere with i2s overlays… would I need to disable bluetooth on the rpi?

    Has anyone successfully configured the Pifi DAC+ 2.0 card with Max2Play? I’d love to use this, otherwise I’ll have to return to RuneAudio.


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    27. Februar 2018 at 16:28 #34101

    Hi Rolders,

    Raspberry Settings and its sound card selection field are premium features. so you need an active license to save it.

    The default driver for HiFiBerry-based cards is HiFiBerry DAC without the „+“.

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