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  • 24. Juni 2020 at 19:25 #49093


    I want to create playlists using the Pi command line and play these in max2play/LMS. The playlists have the format (e.g):

    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Noah And The Whale/Heart Of Nowhere/05 – Silver And Gold.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Laura Marling/Once I Was An Eagle/12 Pray For Me.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Robert Plant/Band Of Joy/10 Harm’s Swift Way.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Hothouse Flowers/Songs from the Rain/03 An Emotional Time.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Beatles, The/Let It Be…Naked/07 One After 909.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Happy Mondays/Loads (& Loads More) (1 of 2)/10 Judge Fudge.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/John Martyn/Solid Air/04 I’d Rather Be the Devil.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Charlatans, The/You Cross My Path/08 My Name Is Despair.mp3“
    „/media/usb/MyAudio/MyMusic/Compilations/Haynes‘ Driving Anthems/2-15 My Sharona.mp3“

    I saved this shuffled file with an m3u file extension in the /home/pi/Music folder and set this as the playlist folder on the LMS web client. I then scanned for playlists and saw „Scanning new playlists: /home/pi/Music (1 of 1) Complete 00:00:00“

    However, I can’t see this playlist in LMS nor in any of the Squeezebox front ends. What have I done wrong?

    I can create a playlist within LMS (eg „test_playlist“) but I can’t work out where this is being saved – even if I run a Find command on the Pi:

    sudo find / -name *test_playlist*

    yields nothing.


    27. Juni 2020 at 18:03 #49100

    I’ve made a small amount of progress on this: I’d named the playlist as shuffle.m3u, whereas it should’ve been shuffle.M3U. However, LMS says that the playlist is empty. What’s wrong with my playlist format?


    28. Juni 2020 at 19:06 #49103

    Answered my own question again: it didn’t like the quotes around the mp3 file paths. Now works fine…except that the playlist has 9218 members and LMS can’t cope. I need to make the day’s playlist shorter.

    To back-track a little: I was concerned that the genre-based random playlist of LMS was missing some of my music, probably because it’s not tagged properly. So I thought I’d create my own playlist, extracted from the filepath of my ripped CDs and then shuffled. However, it turns out that this list is too big for LMS. So my solution: using crontab, shuffle the tracklist each night, add back the #EXTM3U header, then copy the top 300 tracks into a new playlist file. Finally, get LMS to check for the new playlist every morning. This seems to work fine (so far).

    30. Juni 2020 at 13:38 #49120

    Hi Andy,

    sorry for the late reply. I’m glad you found a workaround for your problem. This will certainly help others who will face similar problems in the future. So thank you for your support! If new problems arise, we can hopefully help you next time.

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