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  • 27. März 2022 at 19:00 #52155

    I have a weird issue. I have max2play server running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with attached hard drive containing my music, about 12,000 tracks. This serves a number of different clients, mostly running Moode/Squeezelite, again on Raspberry Pis. Yesterday, while my wife was in the shower, I thought I’d listen to some Genesis (not her favourite). I have at least four Genesis albums, filed under the group’s name. However, when I looked for Genesis in the list of Artists (either in the LMS web page or in Squeeze Control), the band was missing from the library. I re-scanned the hard drive: still no Genesis.

    Maybe, I thought, there’s something wrong with the Genesis folder name: I brought up a terminal and changed the Genesis folder name to „Genesis!“ and re-scanned. Lo! Genesis and their music had magically appeared (in the library under „Genesis“ as Artist as this info comes from the mp3 metadata). Just to check, I went back, renamed the folder back to „Genesis“ and re-scanned – the band and their music had disappeared again.

    What’s going on? Is there a developer at Max2play or Logitech who, like my wife, hates Genesis?

    I really need to go through the whole library to see if any other bands are being blacklisted…

    29. März 2022 at 14:21 #52157

    Hi middletonian,

    None of us blacklists Genesis, don’t worry 😀 Have you tried clearing the cache of the Squeezebox server? And did you only perform a rescan or did you also delete the library beforehand? Is there any information in the server log about this, for example error messages from the scan?

    It’s best to ask the question in the Slimdevices forum too, where the developers of the Squeezebox server can help you directly.

    29. März 2022 at 21:12 #52158

    Thanks MarioM,

    Previous rescans of the media folder didn’t generate any significant errors or warning in the log. So, as per your suggestion, I renamed the folder back to Genesis, deleted cache.db and library.db and rebooted the server. This time it found the Genesis albums! Yay!

    I don’t really understand why previous rescans didn’t work, unless I changed the name of the Genesis folder, nor why starting from scratch worked. I’d assumed that doing a full rescan would find everything, but clearly not.

    Thanks again,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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