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  • 20. September 2018 at 0:56 #37909

    I recently installed a HiFiBerry DAC+ on my RPI3 running LMS Squeezeplay (and IPeng). Works good, except that Airplay, which worked fine before, no longer works. I tried support at HiFiBerry, and got this rather unsatisfactory response:


    Dave ***** Today at 17:12
    I have an RPI 3, running Max2Play and the LMS Squeezebox server. Before adding the HiFiBerry DAC+, Airplay worked fine from my iphone. After adding the DAC+, it no longer works.

    I tried the „Advanced“ setup, and installed the „Shairtunes2“ plugin.

    The „Shairtunes 2“ plugin does not appear to be available. Instead there’s a plugin called „ShairTunes 2 (fork)“ which is described as „Airtunes for LMS (with Windows)“

    I tried this plugin… and wow did the combination of Advanced settings and this plugin screw me up! I wound up having to do a scratch install of Max2Play on my RPI to recover(!). It removed the entire Squeezebox Server from my installation.

    I’m using iPeng to control my system from my phone, so I need to stick with Max2Play and LMS Squeezebox.

    So… how can I make Airplay work again?

    THANKS VERY MUCH! Really appreciate your help!


    Avatar HiFiBerry team Today at 17:30

    I know a lot of users that are using Max2Play. In general, users are quite happy with it. However, I can’t say anything about this specific plugin or specific Max2Play functions in general. You should directly contact the Max2Play developers how to debug this issue.

    Best regards,


    Any ideas? I’d sure appreciate the help!


    20. September 2018 at 12:34 #37939

    Hi Dave,

    Please check the LMS Settings‘ section „Plugins“ and see if there are any other AirPlay plugins active than „shairtunes2 (fork)“. If so, deactivate them and make sure that this one is active.

    Also, if your system is stretch-based (check in Settings/Reboot in the debug info „Linux Version“), install the fix in our Squeezebox Server menu.

    20. September 2018 at 16:03 #37950

    Hi Heiner, and thanks!

    I’ve got no other active plugins that involve Airplay (as far as I can tell).

    Here’s perhaps another clue…

    After having to scratch rebuild my Rpi, I’ve got a clean and up to date installation of M2P and LMS. On that clean installation, I added the ShareTunes2 (Fork) (v0.102.2) plugin (per the instructions on M2P). I am running the „Starter“ setup on the HiFiBerry page. My name for this player is „kitchen“.

    With this installation instead of „kitchen“, I saw „kitchen #2“ show up on my Airtunes list. Selecting „kitchen #2“ and playing audio resulted in no sound.

    So I rebooted the Rpi (and therefore M2P and LMS). Now, neither „kitchen“ nor „kitchen #2“ show up in Airplay.

    Interestingly, a second player in my network called „Livingroom“, (with the same configuration but without the ShareTunes2 plugin), still shows up in my Airplay list, but as „Livingroom #2“.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!


    21. September 2018 at 10:15 #37959

    Hi Dave,

    Did you install the fix in our webinterface and reboot? Please check the plugins section of the LMS interface and click the settings of shairtunes2 (fork) to see if this produces an error. If so, please install the fix and reboot.

    21. September 2018 at 14:12 #38000

    Hi again,

    I did a scratch install on this player 2 days ago, so I’m pretty sure I’m running the fixed version. In any case, I don’t get an error when I select settings on ShareTunes (fork). Here are the settings:

    Helper binary <shareport_helper-armv6hf> (restarting LMS recommended if changed) <republish> <wipe>
    Enable logging <none> /var/log/squeezeboxserver/shairtunes2-[mac].log
    Buffer level (KB) <32>
    RTP and HTTP buffering (ms) RTP latency <1000> HTTP latency <2000>
    Let timing references drift
    Encoding parameters <wave>
    Change volume of sync’d players
    Allow all Squeezelite-based Players

    Shop b8:27:eb:14:b2:4c
    kitchen b8:27:eb:86:80:4a
    upstairs b8:27:eb:fe:fe:5c
    Livingroom b8:27:eb:41:1f:f1

    Any other ideas? I’m really grateful!

    Thank you,


    25. September 2018 at 10:00 #38014

    Hi Dave,

    In your sound card plugin or the Start plugin, please try selecting „advanced“ and reboot.

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