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  • 22. Oktober 2019 at 21:35 #47396


    Has anyone tried out the new setting introduced with M2P 2.51 to enable a 64 Bit Kernel on their RPi4?

    M2P 2.51 > Raspberry Settings > Enable 64 Bit Kernel (Pi4 ONLY)

    I have an RPi4 4GB now and am already very happy with its performance using the old 32 Bit Kernel.

    I am hesitant to try because of the potential stability issues disclaimer on the settings page:

    This improves performance but might be not as stable as normal 32 Bit mode.

    Also, I am wondering about the possibility of higher temperatures – currently, my RPi4 is in a Flirc case and runs continuously at around 47°C.

    Thanks for any user reports!


    24. Oktober 2019 at 23:09 #47434

    I tried it now myself, but made a backup image of the SD card first – which was a good idea:

    After enabling „Enable 64 Bit Kernel (Pi4 ONLY)“ on my RPi 4 with 4GB RAM, it would no longer boot and I had to restore the backup image.

    Heiner or anybody from the M2P team, any idea what the issue might be?

    Many thanks,

    31. Oktober 2019 at 14:01 #47453

    Hi jcu,

    It is still a new feature and there might be some issues. Which plugins do you use?

    1. November 2019 at 8:50 #47459

    Hi Heiner,

    Thank you for your reply. Enabled plugins are:

    Max2Play Active Plugins:
    – Settings / Reboot
    – Audioplayer
    – Squeezebox Server
    – Filesystem Mount
    – WiFi / LAN
    – Raspberry Settings

    Squeezebox Server Active Plugins:
    – Full Text Search
    – Mixcloud
    – Network Test
    – Podcasts
    – Radio
    – Random Mix
    – Save Playlist
    – Soundcloud
    – UPnP/DLNA Bridge

    Regarding hardware, it is the RPi4 only – there is no dedicated soundcard. I am running Max2Play with Squeezebox Server, and transporting the music to an external Streamer with DAC via the LMS UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin.

    Best regards,

    19. Mai 2024 at 23:04 #53192

    Good afternoon my noble friends!

    I noticed that some years ago we no longer have updates on max2play, I bought a 5-year license, it’s almost expiring and I see that nothing has changed during these 5 years

    Did the project die?

    Are you going to open it up for the community to continue?

    Right now I needed to update my jellyfin which has been running together with max2play for 5 years and I noticed that I can’t update it because it’s still in 32bits

    Could you answer me as I will have to evaluate whether I will buy the Max2play license again

    Personal opinion, sad to see such a project die like this…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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