Looks like could easy put a remote on it.

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  • 10. Oktober 2015 at 2:34 #16260

    I looked at a PDF here:


    It’s neat the bottom. Looks like just have to solder it on 3 GPIO pins.

    That way it would be like a slimp3 box I guess.

    All so read on the web some place about the 7″ Touchscreen Display and they said they are working on making it to turn off. It be nice if could dim it too. On the settings on the Logitech Media Server and on the box can set the brightness when it’s playing and off. I think 4 things like that. I guess will just take some time for Max2Play to do all this.

    I like this Max2play it’s so nice on a Raspberry Pi with 7 inch Touchscreen and cost about a little over a $100 for it all.

    I found my Owner’s Manual for my SLImp3 device. In side it I have the Invoice. Looks like I order it 10/03/2003 Total $251.34.

    Later I bought one from E-bay for I don’t know but a good price.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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