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  • 15. Mai 2018 at 23:09 #35715

    I am using the Logitech Media Server 7.9.1 via max2play (newest image) on my Raspberry Pi 3+. My problem is, that my playlists vanishes after some time, basically they are gone when i try to access them the next morning!

    I use a basic installation of max2play and LMS 7.9.1, no special or manual configuration. As i accessed the LMS the first time via the web interface, i got asked which directory to use for music and playlists, in both cases i had chosen: /home/pi/music
    because pi is the only existing user and i did not know which else to use (but maybe that was wrong already?).

    Anyway when i create a new playlist and save it, there is no file created in this directory (i checked it using ssh)! But the playlist is created in some way, because i can access it from the web interface and also select it as alarm clock playlist… but only until the next day (i guess something happens during the night, or wait time) then all entries are gone!
    But when i try to recreate the playlist using the same name, i get asked give a confirmation to overwrite the playlist… so i guess the vanished playlists have to be somewhere!

    Maybe the first directory selection was wrong, but what to chose instead? Or are there any other explanations?

    16. Mai 2018 at 16:34 #35727


    I had the same problem using Netgear NAS. Solved by creating playlist directory under music files. In your case: /home/pi/music/playlist.

    I have also set up LMS on a pi as it looks like you have. Again, same problem with playlists. Solved, and this is important, change permissions to 777 on the directory containing the playlist. You can use Filezilla (free) to accomplish this. Good luck.

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    16. Mai 2018 at 17:25 #35728

    Thanks, i made some basic tests and it seems your solution solves the problem but i will have to wait till tomorrow to really know.

    I do not know if creating a subdirectory (playlist) in /home/pi/music is really necessary but i did and i also changed the permissions to 777. This time saving a playlist in the LMS webinterface crates a coresponding file in /home/pi/music/playlist! So that is a success i guess. But i also noticed that the owner of the file is a user called „squeezeboxserver“ and not the user „pi“, so this is something that has to be adressed during the installation of LMS! Either created a home directory for „squeezeboxserver“ or make some sane default regarding the music/playlist storage directories including the right permissions.
    I think changing the permissions to 777 is just a workaround, it would be better to have an own home directory for the squeezeboxuser.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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