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  • 4. Januar 2021 at 22:10 #50550

    I am a bit puzzled with the proper way of keeping Squeezserver up to date.

    I see max2play web gui has ‚Squeezebox server‘ tab where I can „check available versions“ then pick 7.9 nighly or 8.0 nightly packages for the installation.

    1. Does it mean that those should be used as update source or should I only update wheren there’s a max2play update notification that will also update LMS?

    2. Are nightly packages more unstable than the max2play provided package?

    3. LMS itself in its config says there is a new version and I should upgrade, the message says

    „An updated version of Logitech Media Server is available and ready to install.
    On some Linux distributions we provide an automatic download of Logitech Media Server update installers. These currently are available for .rpm and .deb based systems.
    Your Logitech Media Server has downloaded the latest installer to the following location:

    I can use ssh to get the package updated but
    a.) is it the version suggested to be used?
    b.) if yes why don’t you add an option in gui to use this already download package as the source of installation when „show available versions is chosen?

    7. Januar 2021 at 15:24 #50557

    Hi polrus,

    We always offer the latest Squeezebox Server version for download in the Max2Play interface when we have tested it extensively and can be sure that the most important Max2Play or Squeezbox features work smoothly. Accordingly, I would recommend that you only use the installations we offer, as long as you do not miss any features or bug fixes that the new version of LMS provides. In this case you can install the new version via ssh if you want. However, we cannot guarantee that the installation will work without errors.

    We will test the new server version as soon as possible and offer it for download.

    7. Januar 2021 at 21:54 #50564

    Thank you for the reply.
    Makes sense.
    Just a proposal – you might want to add description to the versions – like
    – tested
    – beta
    – experimental
    Where for exmaple experimental would be the latest deb released by lms

    12. Januar 2021 at 14:27 #50584

    Hi polrus,

    That’s a good idea, thank you very much. I’ll pass this on to our developer.

    Edit: We have now made the other Squeezebox Server versions ready for installation again. You can find them when you perform a beta update of Max2Play. Please note, however, that some of the new versions have not yet been tested by us.

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