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  • 11. Juni 2019 at 23:12 #45659

    just as the title says. Every now and then when connecting to LMS it has switched to the „simple interface“ – I then have to go in to settings and switch back to default and then reload and it’s back to normal again.

    i run latest max2play and lms on a raspberry 3. I’ve tried reinstalling everything from scratch but same thing happen ..

    any ideas?

    12. Juni 2019 at 10:33 #45688

    Hello thomas.se,

    Please check to make sure your router does not have any open ports, if so please close them if you are running LMS.

    More information

    An open port would allow anyone on the internet
    to install a plugin on your server. This plugin could potentially
    install malware etc. You really don’t want to leave the ports open.

    20. Juni 2019 at 18:59 #45884

    and thanks for the answer.
    I hade one (not standard) port forward to this raspberry to be able to use Alexa via IFTTT. (i also had this before when i used volumio)

    i turned it off and since then i haven’t seen any switch of interface. But, I can’t really understand why that would happen? I also looked in the firewall logs but there was no traffic to the raspberry at all.

    I have a hard time understanding that someone would try to access my rasp to switch to simple interface???

    could this be an effect of something else?

    21. Juni 2019 at 11:14 #45887

    It’s very problematic to have a Squeezebox Server with open port running. Anyone can install a malicious plugin and gain access to your home network. There have been numerous cases reported in the slimdevices forums and they actively warn against it, as do we. You can find out more via the link above.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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