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  • 16. September 2017 at 10:04 #31350


    I would like to setup a 2.1 wireless system system using your Justboom Zero PHAT AMP and RaspberyPi W kits. I will use one kit for each speaker and one for the subwoofer so 3 kits in total as i need the system to be completely wireless.

    I have a couple of queries:
    1. Is the max2play Shairport synchronisation between the speakers and subwoofer within acceptable limits for speaker time alignment?
    2. Is there an available crossover for the reqd hi & lo pass filters? Are there plugins available in max2play todo this or does anyone know of a piece of software for mac that sits inbetween iTunes Andy airplay to do the crossover EQ? I am aware of the piano 2.1 but would like to use the just boom zero as it’s the only board that will fit inside the L/R speakers and fear there would be large time differences if a different board Ian used in the sub.
    3. Is there a decent multi parametric EQ or Graphic EQ available for properly tuning / room correcting the system in max2play?


    21. September 2017 at 16:17 #31454

    Hi Rob,

    Your proposed system is not ideal for HiFi playback as your equalizers would have to keep the stream at only 44 khz to work and even then the Pi might not be able to handle it.

    However, you can contact the developer of shairport-sync (which is the version used in our shairport player) and also check out his readme: https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync

    As you mentioned, the best way to achieve a 2.1 system with the Pi is the Piano DAC 2.1 and the Kali Reclocker, both by allo.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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