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  • 7. Mai 2020 at 0:29 #48723

    Running Max2Play 2.52 on raspberry pi4 (buster).

    After starting Kodi from the jivelite menu, exiting Kodi closes the application but I am left viewing a virtual terminal screen prompt.

    /opt/max2play/start_xbmc.sh is performing a „sudo chvt 8“ on line 34 just before calling the /usr/bin/kodi-rpi4 script.
    The „sudo chvt 8“ is causing a problem because when kodi-rpi4 executes, it saves the foreground console vt (which has been changed already) and then performs it’s own „sudo chvt 8“.
    After Kodi exits, the script does another /bin/chvt to restore the saved foreground console vt – unfortunately, it’s the wrong saved vt.

    line 34 in /opt/max2play/start_xbmc.sh should be removed or commented out:
    # sudo chvt 8

    Once removed or commented out, jivelite will display properly after Kodi exits.

    7. Mai 2020 at 14:01 #48730

    Hi grimmt,

    Thanks for the hint. We’ll take a closer look at this and see if we can implement your fix.

    15. Mai 2020 at 1:03 #48785

    Thank You grimmt for a solution!
    I also support M2P and was disappointed to find this basic feature broken in Pi 4
    I gave up on M2P and stopped spreading the word about the greatness of M2P because I was embarrassed.
    I moved over to a different OS but I have returned because of YOU!

    I also raised this issue APRIL 1 2020 AT 6:20 #48370.
    In forum [Announce] New Max2Play Image for Raspberry Pi 4.

    12. Juli 2020 at 22:57 #49285


    This weekend I noticed that max2play Beta-200708 still does not have this fixed.

    Can you check that a fix (if not my suggestion) is in the queue?

    14. Juli 2020 at 12:38 #49291

    Hi grimmt,

    I will pass this on to our chief developer again. Thanks for the hint!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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