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  • 13. August 2022 at 0:59 #52356

    I’m trying to use the spotify connect plugin (from but it is not working for me. I can see the device in my spotify app and select it, but once it starts to play, it disconnects again. I took a verbose log (added -v to the options) from /tmp/spotifyconnect.txt, which shows a traceback, see below. I did not configure authentication credentials in the max2play UI, since I think this should be handled through spotifyconnect discovery automatically, right?

    From that, I see that the librespot version in the plugin is fairly old (the debug output shows 2019-06-01), so I wonder if the Spotify API changed server-side and this old librespot version does not cope with that? And the old version makes me wonder if the spotify connect plugin is still being updated.

    I tried building the latest librespot from git, but that failed because the cargo/rust version in buster was too old (though I read current git is 0.5.0-dev and a big refactor, so I tried 0.4.2 which also failed on a dependency that needs newer cargo, and then tried 0.4.0 from three months ago which failed with an error about matches_macro, which probably needs to be fixed using a newer rust version…). I guess all of this would be fixed by compiling on Debian stable (bullseye), but max2play still uses oldstable and I did not want to risk upgrading the system.

    I know that Spotify is also supported through squeezebox (and I already had that working), but I recall from using max2play a few years ago, that there were some downsides to using it through squeezebox, so I would prefer to (also) have the regular Spotify Connect plugin working.

    Below is the verbose log, anyone recognize this?

    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z INFO librespot] librespot 4e3576b (2019-06-01). Built on 2019-07-17. Build ID: dJS4Cwwn
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_connect::discovery] Zeroconf server listening on
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z WARN mdns] Failed to register IPv6 receiver: Os { code: 19, kind: Other, message: „No such device“ }
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z INFO librespot_core::session] Connecting to AP „“
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z INFO librespot_core::session] Authenticated as „matthijskooijman“ !
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] new Session[0]
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] new Spirc[0]
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] new MercuryManager
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_playback::player] new Player[0]
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z INFO librespot_playback::audio_backend::alsa] Using alsa sink
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] input volume:32768 to mixer: 2072
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] Session[0] strong=3 weak=2
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z INFO librespot_core::session] Country: „NL“
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] subscribed uri=hm://remote/user/matthijskooijman/ count=0
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify „dottie“ b5107036ef5723756d85a235cacdd42eee3bd1db 337001189 1660341860320
    [2022-08-12T22:04:20Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify „Ma-Ti“ 0468957942c72a6e2e1a331b316e2c9ea991f942 337001189 1660341860320
    [2022-08-12T22:05:02Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] unknown subscription uri=hm://playlist-annotate/v2/annotation/playlist/35EesHj0cU0zNntl0qo9YM
    [2022-08-12T22:05:02Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] unknown subscription uri=hm://playlist-annotate/v2/annotation/playlist/35EesHj0cU0zNntl0qo9YM
    [2022-08-12T22:05:13Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify „Ma-Ti“ 0468957942c72a6e2e1a331b316e2c9ea991f942 337054427 1660341913558
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeLoad „Ma-Ti“ 0468957942c72a6e2e1a331b316e2c9ea991f942 337056125 1660341913558
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] Frame has 37 tracks
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_playback::player] command=Load(SpotifyId(u128!(312931933762218362395102711596991359644)), false, 2024)
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z INFO librespot_playback::player] Loading track „Irene“ with Spotify URI „spotify:track:7aeMoOjk2XxtFopJOSesrO“
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_core::audio_key] new AudioKeyManager
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_audio::fetch] Downloading file bd824d05e9240e3f0eba319ad19c3b3393592a9f
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z TRACE librespot_audio::fetch] requesting chunk 0
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_core::channel] new ChannelManager
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z ERROR librespot_core::channel] channel error: 2 0
    thread ‚<unnamed>‘ panicked at ‚called Result::unwrap() on an Err value: ChannelError‘, src/libcore/
    stack backtrace:
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z INFO librespot_connect::spirc] Resolved 50 tracks from <„spotify:station:album:4Lp0D8dvm3Jm8eDPCq0LsS“>
    0: 0x9af520 – backtrace::backtrace::libunwind::trace::hb6a132d591ca7611
    at /cargo/registry/src/
    1: 0x9af520 – backtrace::backtrace::trace_unsynchronized::h57632732de182e95
    at /cargo/registry/src/
    2: 0x9af520 – std::sys_common::backtrace::_print::h6cb4809c66c99661
    at src/libstd/sys_common/
    3: 0x9af520 – std::sys_common::backtrace::print::h6669d3820c576c3e
    at src/libstd/sys_common/
    4: 0x9af520 – std::panicking::default_hook::{{closure}}::h0ade7ad8763731e3
    at src/libstd/
    5: 0x9af0d0 – std::panicking::default_hook::hd3ea7a3eadd333fe
    at src/libstd/
    6: 0x9afce4 – std::panicking::rust_panic_with_hook::hce5e0d6d2351d34c
    at src/libstd/
    7: 0x9af8a8 – std::panicking::continue_panic_fmt::h442f516a43aa110c
    at src/libstd/
    8: 0x9af794 – rust_begin_unwind
    at src/libstd/
    9: 0x9cbda8 – core::panicking::panic_fmt::hffa19936292f87b2
    at src/libcore/
    10: 0x546df0 – core::result::unwrap_failed::h16ce37d91e2dba4c
    11: 0x567ec0 – librespot_playback::player::PlayerInternal::run::h52b650f2aec107a5
    12: 0x4a4d8c – std::sys_common::backtrace::__rust_begin_short_backtrace::h9daf1d115c5e5e6d
    13: 0x4abd3c – std::panicking::try::do_call::h9f63639cb6b71472
    14: 0x9b6d7c – __rust_maybe_catch_panic
    at src/libpanic_unwind/
    15: 0x4a618c – core::ops::function::FnOnce::call_once{{vtable.shim}}::hae01c381e7feb687
    16: 0x9a0790 – <alloc::boxed::Box<F> as core::ops::function::FnOnce<A>>::call_once::hb2df75923cc176ab
    at /rustc/07e0c3651ce2a7b326f7678e135d8d5bbbbe5d18/src/liballoc/
    17: 0x9b61bc – <alloc::boxed::Box<F> as core::ops::function::FnOnce<A>>::call_once::h40ced1c9df1a4805
    at /rustc/07e0c3651ce2a7b326f7678e135d8d5bbbbe5d18/src/liballoc/
    18: 0x9b61bc – std::sys_common::thread::start_thread::h1fc124cf3e6a718b
    at src/libstd/sys_common/
    19: 0x9b61bc – std::sys::unix::thread::Thread::new::thread_start::h3cb03b80fe4c5189
    at src/libstd/sys/unix/
    [2022-08-12T22:05:15Z DEBUG librespot_playback::player] drop Player[0]

    23. August 2022 at 10:36 #52359

    Dear matthijskooijman,

    Thank you for the detailed report. Our Spotify Connect version only works if you enter your Spotify Premium login in the plugin and then start the service. We will see if we can offer an update of the service. However, I cannot guarantee that this will be an option for us and that we will implement it soon.

    23. August 2022 at 13:36 #52361

    Thanks for your response. I was under the impression that the authentication part of the process worked fine, since I could select the player in the Spotify app as expected and the log does say „authenticated as“. But maybe I also need to fill in details, I can try that.

    Note that I have been working with the squeezeserver spotty plugin, which has been working fine so far, so this is not a blocking issue for me anymore. Maybe the downsides I remember from years ago are fixed there (or maybe the downside was that it was a bit tricky to switch between synchronized and non-synchronized playback, but I solved this nicely with multisqueeze to run two squeeze clients using the same audio device, one synchronized with other players and one independent).

    25. August 2022 at 12:22 #52364

    If you try Spotify Connect again, let me know if it works. Apart from that, the Spotty plugin is always a good alternative and is in no way inferior to the Spotify Connect plugin.

    25. August 2022 at 14:43 #52365

    I checked, and indeed, if I just enter my username/password, librespot works as expected. Thanks!

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