I had to reload my Winbook TW801 trying to set it up again can't get Jivelite.

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  • 29. September 2018 at 1:54 #38233

    Seemed like I could not turn on this tablet any more. I thought the battery may be bad. I had another one that all most fit in the plug but it did not and the plug came off the board.

    I thought it’s no good then. But I plugged in the USB power and it booted up.

    Guess a wile ago I installed a fresh Ubuntu because it did not have the Max2play on it or any thing. It was 2 years ago one.

    Any way I installed the Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 Desktop.

    Got Max2play to work on it again. But „Jivelite Squeezebox Desktop Visualisation“ will not run It will say under Detailed information this:

    JiveLite 0.1.0
    No protocol specified

    Repeats 2 more times.

    I know don’t support this running on a Winbook TW801 but it all most does. I don’t know but maybe you could get it to install on about any thing Linux. Seems like that script to install it works good but I guess you could make it a little batter not for just odroid and raspberry pi.

    Any way any clue why Jivelite don’t star? To bad last time I did not post just how I got it working on here but that was a older Ubuntu too.

    Because the ribbin cable to the screen don’t work any more. I took the board out and it’s small and works.

    Had to turn off the tablet display xrandr –output DSI-1 –off command then it blanked the screen and then the HDMI one was the main screen and all showed up on it. At lest I could left click to say open terminal here to type that.

    It be nice if could get JiveLite working again on this. I did look on Google but have not found any thing that will make this work so I am posting here.

    -Raymond Day

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