[SOLVED] How to install dsp-toolkit

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  • 3. November 2019 at 0:26 #47464

    Dear max2play team,

    how can I install a dsp-toolkit on my max2play system? I have no programming knowledge and want to install a dsp-profile without automute for Hifiberry DAC+DSP.

    They topic at the Hifiberry forum can be found here: Link

    The description mentions to use sudo pip3 install --upgrade hifiberrydsp but where should I type it?
    Description from Hifiberry


    15. November 2019 at 11:17 #47537

    Hi ER,

    You can use the Remote Control plugin to enter manual SSH commands from our web interface.

    To get su rights, enter user pi pw max2play and then sudo su.

    23. November 2019 at 2:07 #47587

    Thank you Heiner!

    After installing the remote control plugin successfully I was able to install the dsp-toolkit:

    sudo pip3 install --upgrade hifiberrydsp

    The second step seems also to work:

    dsptoolkit install-profile https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/sample_files/xml/dspdac-noautomute.xml

    After restarting the system, I still couldn’t find the new dsp-profile in the drop down menu. I have also reinstalled the soundcard (beocreate) and restarted max2play once again, but I can’t find the noautomute profile anywhere.

    Do I need to use any additional commands? Are the changes in the remote control saved automatically?

    Best regards,

    27. November 2019 at 14:11 #47613

    Hi ER,

    They are saved. However, DSP is not a feature of our web interface. So you will have to set it up via the Remote Control plugin as well.

    27. November 2019 at 22:37 #47620

    Thanks Heiner, it worked well for me. Now I can enjoy the music without automute.

    Best regards,

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