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  • 29. Dezember 2022 at 18:04 #52557


    In my multiroom home setup, I’ve got everyday one or more player that are not available at startup.

    I’ve got 4 players plugged on the same power supply. So they startup at the same time.

    To check whitch one are up or down I have to check in Jivelit and list the player to deduct which one are not up.

    I’ve add to my openhab panel a ping check to know which devices are up and which are powered off.

    Now I also want to check the sqeezelite player status.

    I’ve found this page

    which seems to be a good way to get this status. But it’s not explained how to send commands and I’ve not found the commande line options plugins in the plugin reposirotry.

    Is it still usable ?

    Is there a simple way to get the status (started or in error) ?

    The error I’m experimenting is that when the rarspeberry pi starts, sometime the hifiberry cars is not recognized and only the default sound card is available. A hard shutdown (I cut the power wire) make it then working.

    I’ve also noticed that the reboot option triggered from admin page
    Works for my raspberry pi 3 having a 7″ screen
    Does not work for my raspberry pi 4 devices – it only makes a restart from the webserver maybe but ssh connections are not cut

    Thanks for help

    3. Januar 2023 at 15:39 #52568

    Hi Jack,

    The command line options for Squeezelite are intended for making additional settings in Squeezelite. You can find the corresponding option in the Audioplayer tab in the advanced options of Squeezelite.

    Maybe the API sample commands in our API samples plugin will help you. The plugin should already be pre-installed and only needs to be moved to the list of active plugins in the Settings/Reboot tab.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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