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  • 8. Juni 2017 at 21:02 #29428

    Hi, I have a P3B and have just set up my accesspoint.
    I can get it to work, but this involves
    Opening my wifi settings page and clicking on the M2P accesspoint wifi
    When I have done this, (1)the main page of M2P opens and I have to hit the cancel button on that page to get a pop up that askes me to use with or without internet, as this is for use in my car, I hit use without internet
    Once done, I can open my LMS software to play my music.
    It will play then the wifi drops out within minutes and It all starts from (1) again, I did load the wifi driver (nl80211) and that made no differance
    I’d like it to autoboot, each time it boots up and keep the wifi link so I can use it without all this hassle,
    Hope someone can help, thanks
    ps, I use an iphone for this and in the wifi settings I have my wireless settings to auto join, auto login and the ask to join networks is off (so its on auto)

    I have just realised it seems to loose connection when my iphone goes to standby mode. Ok I could extend this, but I’d rather not

    • This topic was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by Alex.
    • This topic was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by Alex.
    9. Juni 2017 at 13:56 #29457

    Hi alex,

    If you have not yet, please try deactivating the WiFi interface in the WiFi/LAN menu (remove the tick and save).

    9. Juni 2017 at 17:34 #29482

    Hi Heiner
    No problem regarding a late responce, you guys do a great job.
    Did as you asked and indeed it does keep the wireless connection when my iphone goes to sleep mode, Yes, great stuff thanks…
    However, when I power down the pi or the phone, or get out of wireless range, it won’t connect again until I go through the „use without internet stuff“

    Also I do have another question, is there any other package you reccomend when using M2P because although LMS will work on my iphone it will not work with my android, neither will it work on others who use andriod. Squeezer, works with a router, or via a router on andriod but not in accesspoint mode.


    12. Juni 2017 at 12:18 #29506

    Hi alex,
    That’s strange indeed. You could try another Android app to make sure the issue is not isolated (Squeezebox Controller) and also a UPnP Renderer like BubbleUPnP which should also work with the LMS.

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