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  • 1. Februar 2020 at 11:45 #47976


    When I used with my pi2 and pi3 together with the Hi-Fi Berry dac Pro normal raspbian and there a normal music player, there was a GUI, where I could easily select the hardware settings of the Hi-Fi Berry pro dac. Including the built in filters, how the digital-analog process is done. Pressing a button of the GUI even had immediate action, easily to listen, with other sound changes. Listening differences of the few filter settings might vary personally, also probably depending on Hi-Fi setup.
    Of course I would like to use max2play for music and video and not raspbian.

    Nevertheless, I ask, if these Hi-Fiberry pro dac hardware Settings could be added to max2play, as this dac is very common with max2play.
    Some of the Hi-Fi Berry Settings are inside of max2play gui, like volume settings.
    I guess, adding something to select the filters might be easy, as there will be a standard documented, like access to those hardware volumes.
    For other dacs together with max2play this might be worth also, as music, sound, Lms, Squeezelite is about dac and converting digital to analog music in the best possible way and in today’s dacs we have the choice by the filters how the conversion is done, so something for max2play.
    And as I think, as in normal raspbian the GUI was automatically there with all dac settings inclusive filters available, at least Hi-Fi Berry pro, it will be there in some standard like Alsa together by the dac,s driver, But I am not programmer 😉

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