Have the Install_max2play.sh so it my work with any Linux unit.

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  • 9. March 2017 at 12:36 #27523

    Got Max2play working on a Nano-Pi NEO with a audio hat board. It’s working good. But just running the install_max2play.sh will not install it all. I looked at that script and copied some of it’s commands. Like to set up Apache and copy the files to the right place.

    I see in it that it checks for a Raspberry or Odroid. If it don’t find them then I guess it gives up on some things.

    It looks like it runs good on other systems but you still have to set some things up by hand.

    Not sure why but after a little time like 3 or 4 songs it would stop. Squeezelite is not running. Starting it would not work. I had to go on the command line and type service squeezelite restart now seems to keep running. Or a reboot worked but it would stop after a wile again.

    I know you only support Odroid and Raspberry Pi. So in the script can say that if not a Pi or Odroid along with come to this forum for help if needed.

    -Raymond Day

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