General advice for an 8 Zone system

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    I’m a massive fan of you guys and I have installed a few max2play kits for friends and family. My newest project is for a friend that wants an 8 zone centrally located system. He’s looked at all the standard big players, russound etc… However I talked about squeezebox and max2play and hes keen. So i’m after ideas and would love to send the business your way.

    I’m thinking 4 Pis with a dac each
    2 x 8 channel amps
    Then I can use multisqueeze to use each pi as a double instance of squeezelite. I’d make sure the DACs go to the more important zones and the 3.5 outputs go to less important ones.
    They can control it all with ipeng and Squeezecontrol.

    This setup saves on cost and the pain of a rack full of AMP HATS.
    Is this a good solution?
    My only worry is how to set all the treble and bass. I’m pretty sure that was an issue the last time i did this. I suppose I could use a preamp and do it manually.

    I’m open to ideas please.

    30. Juni 2021 at 15:20 #51374

    Hi Nick,

    That sounds like a good project and should be feasible. What amps do you have in mind?
    Theoretically, you can use an equaliser with every Max2Play device, but that certainly doesn’t come close to the quality of an external preamp.

    In any case, with so many players, you should think about using a powerful server. I recommend a Pi 4 with at least 2 GB of RAM, but 4 or 8 would certainly be better. Or you can run the server on a NAS or similar.

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