[SOLVED]Expand Filesystem to larger SD not working.

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  • 16. Oktober 2015 at 18:18 #16416

    It seems that my 8gb sd card is no more enough for Max2play. I have bought a new 16GB SD and flashed the image from 8gb card to the new one.
    I tried to „expand filesystem“ and got:
    „No Resize possible – no valid partition found to expand. Contact Max2Play-Support to add support for further file-systems.“
    I need urgent help, Max2Play says that there is 0 to 27mb empty place on the card and I have lost some LMS settings twice; I suspect it’s related.

    How I changed the card:
    -Backed up 8gb card img
    -formatted new 16gb SD with SD formatter
    -Restored 8gb image to new card
    -Booted max2play
    -Clicked „expand Filesystem“

    Edit: I have upgraded max2play from beta to release version. After that tried to expand filesystem again, this time I had the warning to remove all usb drives, that worked.

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