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  • 13. Juli 2016 at 22:14 #21527


    I have a raspberry B2 + hifiberry Amp+ setup and I have installed max2play on it in order to have a LMS + a Squeezebox running.
    Everything went fine and work just good when I plug in a normal USB drive (quite old already).

    In order to save space and cable I have bought an SD Card with 64 Gb (exFat System) that I plug into an mini USB adapter. (you know the little 1cm thing that you can plug into an USB slot …)

    Well I can not detect this card yet. I log in into ssh, first as pi, then as root, and I have installed exfat packages … it didn’t change anything.

    Do you have any idea how I could access this data storage from my LMS Directly (as with the old USB storage disk ?)

    Thanks a lot !

    15. Juli 2016 at 23:46 #21626

    Hello Guys,

    After quite a lot of different trials, I found the solution. So for others to have it easier, here how I did.

    Solution is quite easy :
    – log in through ssh
    — first as pi user, raspberry pwd
    — then as root, max2play pwd
    – knowing my SDXC Card was exFat, I installed the necessary debian packages : apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils
    – I did verify if I could list my device with lsusb. and yes it was there.
    – I verified what was mounted cat /etc/fstab (boot) and cat /etc/mtab (now). and it wasn’t mounted.
    – I listed the different devices on the system (I had sda sda1 sdb sdc ; I knew what was sdb, and sdc was not possible to mount xD)
    – (don’t forget to create your mount directory here for me I did : mkdir /media/exfat)
    – So I mounted the sda1 partition : mount -t exfat /dev/sda1 /media/exfat
    – I then used the max2play interface to register this usb mountpoint as to be mounted automatically.

    this article was very usefull http://www.howtogeek.com/235655/how-to-mount-and-use-an-exfat-drive-on-linux/

    NB : I suggest to your dear max2play team to include fuse packages by default. ExFat SD Cards are no longer „weird“ 😉

    19. Juli 2016 at 16:54 #21662

    Hi neije,
    Sorry for the late response. We will add your suggested packages in the next update making the use of exFAT cards no problem anymore. Thanks for documenting your steps, thus helping both us and other users.

    19. Juli 2016 at 17:23 #21664

    you’re welcome ! and thanks already for the packages 😉

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