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  • 5. Mai 2022 at 20:40 #52217

    I am running M2P 2.56 on a Pi 4B 4GB with LMS Version: 8.2.1 – 1644703015. I have a SMB file mount to a TrueNAS server. All music and playlists are located in several subdirectories on the NAS mount. I am currently having an issue saving playlist files (Failed to save playlist queue)from within LMS. I use the same SMB userid/password on my laptop as I do on the M2P for SMB mounts on the NAS and I can can write/read/destroy files to the playlist directory with no issues from my laptop. I have tried rebooting the Pi, upgraded the M2P version. I am unsure what would be the next step?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    17. Mai 2022 at 14:11 #52224

    Hi Scott,

    please excuse the late response. You could try adding the following to the mount options: uid=squeezeboxserver,gid=0 This should give the server the necessary write permissions.

    17. Mai 2022 at 18:37 #52225

    Not sure I understand, would this be added to the M2P client mount, or the TrueNAS server files system ACL?


    19. Mai 2022 at 11:30 #52226

    Sorry I didn’t make that clear. I meant the client mount options in the filesystem/mount plugin of Max2Play. You would have to delete the old mount (if it still exists) and create it again, but with the added parameters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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