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  • 18. Juni 2017 at 18:59 #29586

    I’ve just configured a Pi3 as a server and player. I installed DSDPlayer and am finding that while it will transcode for other players on the network, I can’t get it to transcode for the Squeezelite instance running on the same Pi. My Squeezelite options are:

    -e dsd -n CarPi -s

    The -n and -s options are definitely being respected, but it seems like it just won’t respect -e dsd. Any ideas?

    18. Juni 2017 at 22:54 #29592

    Adding -r 48000 seems to have fixed it. I haven’t had to do that with previous installations, but this particular Pi (for now) only has the stock analog audio output. A nice HiFiBerry has been ordered but isn’t here yet.

    20. Juni 2017 at 14:08 #29654

    Hi atrocity,

    Thanks for the follow-up and the detailed solution. We will take this into account for future issues with DSD.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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