Display-bundle with 7" + RPi3 + HifiberryDAC2pro – Case too small?

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  • 8. März 2022 at 18:29 #52117


    I have some issues assembling the 7″-display-bundle as offered in the m2p-shop, with the case not fitting/not big enough. The bundle included the 7″-display, RPi3B+, Hifiberry DAC2pro and the case with a flat frame for the display and a small box to cover the assembly of boards.

    Drilling the holes for the RCA-connectors was rather easy. But the total height of the assembled boards is about 45mm, measured between display-backside and the top of the DAC-board, which is the red/white plastic cubes of the RCA connectors. I used the 12mm spacers between each two boards. The same distance measured at the case is only 41mm. That looks to me as if the case is too low for about 4-5mm.

    Also, when carefully trying to mount the case on the boards, it’s easy to notice how the backside of the case sits on the the red/white plastic of the RCA connectors, while front side is still about 4mm away from the display and therefore it’s not possible to close and screw it together.

    As a workaround, it would be possible to cut open the backside of the case at an area of about 30 x 30mm and have the red/white plastic of the RCA stand through that opening – but this would look rather ugly and also would be a much bigger opening that the pictures here suggest necessary. The pictures on this website suggest that the assembly should fit into the case.

    But before I shred the case, I’d like to ask you:

    Do I miss something? Does it fit together in your case? Maybe the boards got bigger with different revisions or similar?

    Best regards,

    15. März 2022 at 16:04 #52134

    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, I saw your message here too late. I tried to answer your questions in an email. If you want, we can continue the conversation here.

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