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  • 15. November 2016 at 23:38 #23921


    I have a vDAC2 at home and another DAC Fiio at work.

    the vDAC2 works properly with squeezelite, i can even listen to Kodi with HDMI simultanously when i check the option „Use USB DAC“

    i would like to use kodi with the vDAC , and i understand that squeezelite have to be stopped in this case.
    i can see my dac (alsa) in the „audio output“ section of Kodi, but when i select it i can hear a noise/crack during 1second then no sound. HDMI is ok.

    the strange part is; i’ve tested the same operations with the Fiio and everything is fine.
    i even managed to play simultaneously the two dacs plugged (squeezelite/vdac2) + (Kodi/Fiio).


    Fiio + squeezelite alone = OK
    Fiio + kodi alone = OK
    vDAC + squeezelite alone =OK
    vDAC + squeezelite and kodi + other output = OK
    vDAC + kodi alone = KO

    Any idea to solve this problem?
    if needed, just ask me what kind of log could help us to find what is wrong

    (i have to mention that vDAC + kodi works fine on other RPi2 distributions (openelec or Raspbian+manual installation of kodi)

    29. November 2016 at 12:48 #24304

    Hi nesta39,
    Please try to deactivate your USB-DAC setting and deactivate the Squeezelite player.

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