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  • 6. April 2019 at 17:50 #44971


    I installed max2play on a rasp pi3/ hifi berry DAC+ setup. After following the instructions I have still trouble in connecting both to wifi and to bluetooth.
    I have installed the bluetooth addon and choosen the option „Stream to Squeezebox Server“, which I also installed. Following the instructions I activated bluetooth on my mobile and pushed „Scan for bt items“. Under „Known items“ my mobile is listed. My moblie found the bluetooth of the rasp (max2play), but after pairing the build up connection collapses after a few seconds.
    It should be no antenna issue, because the phone is lying close to the rasp.

    Error discription:

    If you connected a Smartphone to stream to Squeezebox Server, NO further setting to your soundcard is needed (do NOT set your soundcard to bluealsa)!
    Device 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3 Windows Phone
    trust 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Changing 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3 trust succeeded
    pair 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Attempting to pair with 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists
    connect 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Attempting to connect to 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Device 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3 Connected: yes
    Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed
    Device 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3 Connected: no
    Name: Windows Phone
    Address: 48:50:73:E7:CF:C3
    Icon: phone
    Class: 0x7a020c
    Paired: 1
    Connected: 0

    8. April 2019 at 13:07 #44979

    Hello Mimi,

    This should be a bug which we fixed in our beta. The bug fix will go live soon.

    For now you need to do the following to get it working (announcement):

    Hello everyone,

    We are glad to announce that he have found a fix for the current bug in Bluetooth. It’s only available in our current beta at the moment. To get the fix on your device, do the following:

    – Head to Settings/Reboot and click the Beta Update button
    – When the update is finished, head to Bluetooth and „Uninstall Bluetooth“
    – Refresh the Bluetooth menu if necessary and „Install Bluetooth“
    – Reboot after the installation is finished

    Your system should now be able to connect to any Bluetooth device again.

    8. April 2019 at 20:28 #44990


    thanks for this piece of advice. Now I’m able to connect, but still not perfect. Do I need a internet connection (either via wifi or via cable) while using m2play?

    I did the compleet routine and although green LED on my Hifi Berry shows that it is working, I’ve got now music output to my AV. Any ideas what can be the issue? Any basic settings?

    Thanks and greets

    9. April 2019 at 14:34 #44995

    Hi Mimi,

    You can use it without internet but it needs to either be in Access Point mode or connected to a local network to reachable.

    I assume you mean you have no output? What solution are you using and which documentation did you follow?
    Make sure your audio player is running and has the HiFiBerry selected as output.

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